Trying to find inexpensive flights can be challenging.  That’s why it’s always nice when someone phones you up to tell you about a seat sale.  Sometimes it’s smaller things, like groceries, that friends tell us are on sale.  We seem to like to help others save money.  I have yet to hear of anyone who was upset with a friend for telling about an item that was on sale.

    If we are that excited about telling someone about a way to save a few dollars, how excited should we about telling someone the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Many in this world are travelling the road that leads to hell, rather than the one that leads to heaven.  Should we not be excited about telling them that Jesus died on the cross for their sins.  In Mark 16:15 Jesus tells us to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”. (KJV)  The Greek word translated here as preach means to herald, as a town crier.  Criers stood on the corner and shouted the news so all could hear.  I know times have changed and we do not need to stand on corners and shout but we certainly are able to tell everyone we know about the Good News.

Published by Ray Richards