Yes, that's what I call myself sometimes because sometimes I do something which is ludicrously stupid and it has some consequences. Well this past Sunday, I made a hum dinger. This past weekend, I went with my stepson, his girlfriend and friend to the Bloodstock Festival. For those who don't know what that is, it's a big heavy metal festival that takes place every year in the middle of England. I have another blog which is about heavy metal in the 1980s which is named after my user name here on Wordpress, 80smetalman. At the moment, I am in the process of writing all about the festival on that blog. Before going, I thought it would be a great idea if I took a note pad to make notes of the bands I saw and general goings on from the weekend so when it came to write about it, I have something to draw on so when I sat down at the computer, I wouldn't be there trying to claw back memories. Well, it was going fine until the very last band of the festival. During the break, I decided to go for something to eat and because I kept my notepad and pen in my back pocket, I took it out so I could sit comfortably to eat. That was good, however, when I got up, I didn't take the notepad with me. Unfortunately, I only discovered that I hadn't done so until I was nearly home later that night. That meant that an entire weekend's worth of effort went down the drain and now I am reduced to doing something I was trying to avoid on the other blog.

Now, I know everyone makes mistakes. I also know that what happened wasn't the end of the world and it for most people, it's nothing to get upset about. However, what upsets me is that I have been doing stupid stuff like this for over 50 years! My mistakes include things like forgetting to take my trip money into school with me the day before the trip when that money was left where I sat for breakfast every morning. Another time when traveling on a plane, I put my car keys through the metal detector and failed to get them on the other end. I had to wait several hours at the airport I flew into before they were put on the next flight and returned. See, my mistakes have semi serious consequences.

It's not only me, things like this have effect on others as well. They have gotten angry and upset with me over it and sometimes they show their anger by calling me names like the one above. Some have threatened violence on account of it. Obviously, it has also been the catalyst for much of the bullying I suffered in my early life. The problem is that I think that I deserve it. It was my stupid forgetting of something that caused them to be angry with me and their reaction is justified. Some people have a short endurance point with these things and we part company although true friends have learned to endure. It doesn't make me feel any less guilty when I do something stupid and it effects them.

I have tried all sorts of exercises, drills and memory techniques to try to avoid doing these ridiculous things. Some of these have had limited success. In the end, I will still forget something or to do something and I will be back here calling myself sh*t for brains.

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