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So I'm scrolling down my twitter feed and think Imma start doing it more often. I'm a news junkie and a NBA fanatic. Maybe I shouldn't say fanaticlast time I faithfully watched a season, Donald Sterling drama was going on. How the hell am I supposed to keep up with a team schedule when I hardly know what day it is?  I can keep up with Cheaters, Cops, Jerry Springer, and Maury though, does that make me sound bad? To some they're ratchet showbut pure entertainment to me. I enjoy watching other's infidelity, effort to not get caught lying or breaking the law and making a damn fool of themselves. Do they get paid? That's irrelevant   

Larry Bird retired 24 years ago today, and don’t forget Tim Duncan and Kobe went away. Were the Lakers gonna have a Big 3 with Kobe, Dwight Howard, and Chris Paul? I know i'm late but I read it, that’s crazy. Although before my timeone thing I remember about Larry Bird was his shot.  

TRICK QUESTION: Celtics in 85-86 had how many Hall Of Famers 

All Stars spread throughout the NBA IN 85Magic Johnson, Dominique Wilkins, Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon, Moses Malone, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Chris Mullin, just to name a few. You know the SuperSonics weren't bad. I was born in 95, Do I really know all this? (:  

I personally, will always love the Celtics for one reason, DOC RIVERS. I'm a #LobCity girl thoughIn 2007 Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen were to be watchedSomeone say Big 3? All I gotta say is Ray's catch and shoot, Paul's 20+ points, that Sophomore Rondo, did I mention Ray Allen?  Big baby was even on there, ugh ! Cry baby ass.   

Speaking of cry baby ass, LeBum wants to own his own basketball team. Good luck with that, cry babyI hope you get tech's every game. I hope your starting line up fouls out in the first quarter and you only have 1 timeout in the second halfLol I'm silly. So does everyone on the Spurs go play for another country in the Olympics? I saw Tony Parker playing for France, and Manu Ginobili playing for I think Argentina? So bandwagon Kevin has been wetting them from behind the arc? Proving he has what it takes to be a splash brother? Passing MJ on All Time Scoring List. Good for him, keep it up. People have high expectations for you boy!  

Is Kevin gonna get booed when he goes to OKC? Will OKC boo him when they go to the Bay area? I wanna buy an OKC and GSW Durant Jersey just to burn every time he loses. Seem fair? I don't like how he left his boy Russell, now watch him show out. Or at least I hope he does. Remember small beard Harden getting drafted to OKC now he's in Houston. Iguodala, big fella was getting sent to the line as much as Dwightthen started hitting 3's with GSW? What's up with that big fella? Dwight hit a three one time, on accident. LMAO 

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