In the past, I just used to see the island of Siargao in Magazines and on the Internet. I promised to myself that I would travel here, and finally it happened!

Our trip to Siargao with my family is actually not planned- we were supposed to travel to Korea this June. However, we realized that we don't have enough budget and we still need to process a Korean Visa, which is not guaranteed to be approved since we haven't traveled out of the country yet.

So last March, I suggested to my parents to go to Siargao. My parents were hesitant at first, since the flights going to Siargao are quite pricey. But then, my mother saw a Flight to Butuan City which is much cheaper compared to a direct flight to Siargao. Me and my sister also promised to pay for our own flights, so last June 3 2019, for 7 days and 6 nights, we were off to Siargao!

Here's a travel diary of our first day trip Siargao ,and we went to 3 tourist spots: Maasin River, Magpupungko Rock Pools and Tayangban Cave.

Maasin River

Just a 30-minute drive from General Luna (Siargao's Town Proper), Maasin River is popular for its spectacular view of coconut trees along the river. We also saw the popular bent coconut tree, where you can swing back and forth from a rope then plunge straight into the water. My father, brother and my sister tried it however I chickened out, not because of the jump but because it was too slippery to climb in the coconut tree.

Our boat ride in Maasin River

Well, the fun doesn't stop there. Our tour guide brought us to a "secret lagoon" which is by the end of the river, and according to our tour guide, fresh water comes out from that lagoon which will change the muddy color of the river into a blue-green clear water.

Floating in the secret lagoon

Side Trip: Siargao Mountain View

One of the most wonderful things in Siargao is the Island is full of coconut trees, and you will see them along the road. The Siargao Mountain View is a popular tourist spot because of its Instagrammable location and you will pass by here on your way to Maasin River.

Magpupungko Rock Pools

Our next destination: Magpupungko Rock Pools in Barangay Pilaring. This wonder tourist spot is a 45-minute drive to General Luna and honestly, this is the destination I was looking forward to. The natural rock pools only appears during the low tide, so make sure to check the tide schedule since it changes daily.

That day, the low tide schedule is 11 AM up to 3PM. The moment we arrived at the pools, I was speechless. It was 10x more spectacular in person.

The clear waters of the pools and the rock formations are so unreal- its like the pools were man-made but in reality, its not. After a few minutes, a heavy rainfall began to pour but it didn't dampen our spirits. Although the rock pools are deep (around 15-20 ft), you can easily float into the water. If you're not a good swimmer, no need to worry since there are available life vests which you can rent for a cheap price.

The place were quite crowded and it was hard to do a photo-op without a bunch of photobombers! Luckily, we managed to find some spots that are photography worthy and the results are awesome :)

We also went to the beach which is just a short walk from the rock pools and the rock formations + the waves crashing into the shore was a sight to behold.

We did a lot of swimming, cliff jumps and picture taking. We also enjoyed taking pictures underwater- make sure to bring your underwater camera and snorkeling gears when going her because you will see a lot of corals underwater.

We also had a delicious lunch consisting of fresh seafood, grilled meat and Pancit. Our hungry bellies were very satisfied!

After our heavy lunch, we were off swimming again! This time, we found a rock pool which is away from the crowd and we were surprised on how large the area of Magpupungko is. There are tons of small and big rock pools so you can still enjoy a moment of solidarity despite the crowd.

Clear blue waters

Tayangban Cave

Our last destination for the day: Tayangban Cave, a 30-minute drive from General Luna. I thought the trek inside the cave was only short since there's an open lagoon at the mouth of the cave. Apparently, we can't enter the lagoon anymore since there's a fight between the two families that owns the place. So, we had an hour trek inside the cave and I'm so glad that we did it! I missed trekking inside caves and even if I almost slipped at the entrance of the cave (it was raining hard at that time), we got out of the cave, safe and sound.

Inside the cave, we swam into deep water so we had to hold on to a rope. Good thing our tour guide was also a reliable photographer so he took pictures of us using my phone.

Lots of bats inside!

The Jellyfish Rock Formation

I survived!

It feels so good walking out of the cave- it felt like all of my stress in the past weeks have gone away! Even with muscle and leg pains after, the trek was worth it!

Wrap up

It's just our first day, but it feels like 2 days because we've done so much! From swimming to cliff diving and trekking, this day trip is an unforgettable adventure!

Stay tuned for my next posts of my Siargao Travel Series :) And, I'll also make a Siargao Travel Guide soon so watch out for it! 

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Published by Crizelda Nicolas