Verifying emails, simple as it may sound; but it plays an important role in the workings of a company that is into digital marketing. It’s true, validating emails has always been a task that is needed to carried out by the companies to weed out the good ones from the bad ones. So how does it really work when we say that is essential. It works in three short steps,

  • Checking formatting and email syntax A good email verification service would check your IDs against the standard ones and rectify any errors before anything happens.

  • Confirming your domainAn immediate next step would be to confirm your domain and accordingly check the DNS records. If everything is okay and as per the records then we will be moving on to the next step.

  • Verifying your mailboxYet another important step which checks the required SMTP protocols which help in contacting the email servers and verify your mailbox.

With respect to these reasons, there is a growing need to have a stabilized email verifier online for your organization that will help automating the email verification process. With the growing rate of digital marketing companies around the world, the need for email verification increases as well. Therefore, you should have a product that processes bulk email verifier smoothly without any hassles. Some of the features that you can check out are,

  • Rate of verified and validated emails: A good email verifier-based product should have a great track record of verifying the mails with a great platform that is intuitive for the users and customers.
  • Rate of email bounce prevention: Email bounces normally happen with emails that are not genuine and it gets bounced back to the sender. The reason can be that it is a spam or a fake address which is resulting into this. A genuine email verifier would have measures in place to counter this issue called, the email bounce protection. This will set apart the addresses that are fake amongst the heap.
  • Advanced List Cleaning: This is related to the validation process as well. An advanced list cleaning refers to the fact that there will be a set process in place, to have countermeasures in line to prevent any further issues. Before having spammers block out your path and sending out emails that will in future cause problems, there is a procedure called advanced list cleaning in place. It siphons off the erratic and dormant addresses and keeps you well updated.
  • Spamtraps: A proper email verifier online product would also have Spamtraps in place. It is a sort of a honeypot for collecting spam email addresses and in itself is used for trapping such address thereby creating a protective layer around your mailbox.  For protecting your mailbox against such attacks, the email addresses are sent via a protected ID which protects the location of the sender thereby preventing unsolicited attacks.
  • Protecting the sender reputation: It is not a feature but it is a measure that should always be kept in mind while having this procedure in place. Since there are many companies who rely on your product for making their processes work without a cinch, sender reputation should always be protected. If you have unnecessary bounces in your ID then it would result in your reputation getting tarnished in the market. Later on, you will face issues while getting new clients.

Having a good email verifier online product is taken into account and should be in every step of the way. It provides stability, accountability and a sense of good service in the minds of your clients and that is something that you should always choose.

Published by Janice Cook