Sometimes you feel things are getting out of control and you may want to get help from someone else, maybe a professional. In such instances, people often rely on drugs to escape the harsh realities which in turn lead to addiction. Let alone in America; there are about 22.7 million people who need proper treatment for alcohol and drug abuse.

But each year there are less than 1% of addicts who receive the help that they need. It is not necessary that you only need treatment when it causes physical impairment, but an addiction that causes harmful and negative effects in life also needs medical help.

Here are some alarming signs that you cannot afford to ignore.  

•    You have driven a car while high or intoxicated:
In the beginning, it may not be a very big deal to drive while you’re drunk, buzzed or being in a high state but this can be a highly dangerous situation to everyone in your car and surrounding. In fact, according to a research in 2010 by that more than one-quarter drugged drivers have caused fatal accidents which had led to death. The accomplice in such accidents was mostly around 50 years or above in age. Driving under drug influence is an alarming sign especially when it’s causing accidents as it indicates that you are unable to control your behavior.

•    When it is affecting health:
Drugs and alcohol use of all kinds are harmful to our health as it causes extreme damage to our heart, brain, and liver whereas opiate abuse is responsible for slowing down the breathing process which often leads to permanent brain damage. Also, stimulants, when used repeatedly, can cause cardiovascular failure and psychosis.

Not only this, if you use injections for drugs, then needles can increase your risk of having deadly diseases like HIV or hepatitis C. If due to drugs and alcohol usage is causing tangible effects to your health then it is a sign that you should quit it. However, it is not easy to get rid of the addiction, and you most probably need medical help.

•    Drug Abuse or addiction leading to legal actions:
If you've been arrested for driving recklessly under the influence in public, and if you are on probation or parole then this offence is enough to put you behind bars. So you have to decide is a 30-days treatment program being worth it for a better life or being behind the bars for a few months and years or more! The choice is yours.

•    You have harmed yourself while under the influence:
Most drugs can cause or increase depression and other mental illness. It is an alarming sign if you ever have had suicidal thoughts, harmed yourself or someone then it is time to get help. You can visit treatment centers where you will find professionals who are working day and night in improving the life of addicts.

Many other symptoms of addiction call for medical help, but those above are the most common ones. They are highly ignored as they are displayed at a very early stage of addiction. But if you seek treatment at this point, it will be easier for you to easily get rid of addiction without causing any major damage to yourself or society.

Published by Mudassar Ali