All of us are seeking for somebody to share whatever we feel, whatever situation we are into, and many more. We can have a lot of friends, but only few of them will join us in every journey of our lives. There are some that will just come our way and then after getting something they'll just disappear. There are also some who will just be there to portray as a good friend, but then they're those ones who'll gonna put us down. 

     Now, I will be giving you signs that shows you already found your real friends. If some of it relates to you, then congratulations! You have somebody to lean on, too. 

1. They are always there whenever you need someone to talk to. They might be far from you, but they won't allow you to feel the same way all day long. Real friends can find the craziest way  to make you feel better after a bad day.

2. Calling you by an extraordinary kind of an endearment is the best thing they could do. They are fund of making fun of your name, who you are, and with your experiences. They love making you feel worse by bullying you throughout the day.  

3. They are great gatecrashers. Once they entered your home, you'll gonna be surprised by them rocking up your cabinet and everything in your room. 

4. Even you did not offer them your food, they are going to insist and will never return it to you not until it was dissolved. They will also not gonna hesitate barging in you refrigerator.

5. They are worth an effort and time even though you know they're not gonna appreciate your doings the way you thought it was. Why? Because, it's lovely to see them smiling, laughing and surprised. They might appreciate it, but in the end they're gonna tease you out for these and those they like. 

6. When you got stumbled, they are going to laugh at you first. And, after making fun of what happened to you that is the time they're gonna offer you some help. Even though they are like that, you know they are real for they do not picture someone different from their real personality.

7. All of you are comfortable in each other's company. They might be times you feel awkward, but there will always be someone to break the silence.

8. You all love to hangout, watch movies and eat altogether until late hours. You also feel comfortable to offer them a sleep in your house. 

9. Even though you have been together for years, your friendship is still stronger as a tree, and as solid as a stone. 

10. They are respectful to each and everyone of you and also to your loved ones, especially to your parents.

11. They are not selfish when it comes to sharing their thoughts and instincts about that someone who courts you or having a crush on you. They are the one to judge and criticize every little single thing about that person until you all get to know the reality behind that person. 

12. They accept you even on your craziest and moodiest days ever!

13. They judge you frankly based on reality. It might hurt you, but it is the truth. And, they know everything about you.

14. They never left you in times of sorrow. You can trust them deeply. They offer you their shoulders to cry on. And, after that long drama you both are just going to laugh out loud because of what you did. 

15. They help you with everything you ask. Even if it's about school works, they are willing to help. The craziest thing about this is that they can even make a research about your problem. 

     Friends are just like our parents. They are keen even to the smallest details of your life, so beware. Go treasure yours!

Published by Lira Mae Centus