“Does not everything depend on our interpretation of the silence around us?” 

I would like to talk about one thing, that most of the people doesn't really use even though they should and it might be very useful for them. I am talking about the power of silence.

There are more than one kind of silence. Either the one while you are romantically staring into each others eyes and there's no need for speaking, or the one while you are waiting for a text or whatever and no response is coming - "no message is also a message" - kind of silence, or it's just the silence during some movie, while you are sitting with other 50 people in one theater trying to concentrate on the action. 

But now, I wanted to go through the most important kind of silence (at least for me) - the one while you know it's okay for you to just stop and listen to the sweet and smooth sound of quietness. If you wanna know, it is entirely possible to listen to it, but most of people don't do that. They just think it's not doable, not interested in it and rather forget all of it because they don't really have "time". 

It is interesting to just turn the whole world off, listen to the sound of sunset, crawling down on the blue sky, prepared to sleep, just a second before the dawn. It is even more interesting when you wake up at the morning and you can listen to the quiet house, the soft sound of loneliness and summer in the air. What in my case, is always a good thing.

For example, I experienced something similar this weekend while I was at a cottage. I was sitting in a circle around the fire with my friends, while sipping wine, I completely shut my brain off and simply stared to the fire for like 3 minutes or so. I made a bubble in my head, bubble made of silence, I didn't hear them laughing and talking, I didn't hear the music, I didn't hear the dogs barking. It was just me and the fire, my personal shutting off system which made me so calm and relaxed you can't even imagine.

The thing you'll find in the silence is not the real silence at all, maybe a mixture of so so many sounds, let's say a cacophony of noises in one well constructed melody. It all gets balanced after you cancel it out entirely.
Then you realize, that the real silence is not an absence of something important, it is just a gentle presence of something that you really need. Maybe you do not realize it now, because it is a "little by little" kind of progress, but still - Where there's will, there's path.

Nina ∞ 


Published by Nina S