God does these things so silent but yet so promising; and only if you are in the mist of his greatness you will never notice it. Even those in the mist often overlook the little blessings that are being delivered right before their eyes. For example:

Last week sometime; I and an employee in upper management had a few words, which started at her end. I held myself very respectable, even as my initial boss (director) watched us as things took place. I was just about to go on vacation. So in my spirit I felt as if the devil just wanted to do anything to stop my joy. So brushing it off and giving it to God allowed me to have a peace of mind.

Later that day my coworkers came to me saying how the other employee handled things was out of line, and should have been handled better. Which in its self was refreshing to have someone else with an equal mindset as yours.

 After coming off of my break, I could tell nothing had been said to her about how things were handled. Nor to me about how things had reached a level of uncontrolled emotions. As if it was all whipped off of the table.

 Now vision this, I am the only black girl in my office. Everyone surrounding me is of the Caucasian race. And with being so I already felt out if place. Nothing was being said because they felt no need to do so. You see those of the same feather flock together. But the surrounding of this place is very diverse. And they all highly respect me. Even if they have their own little chatters behind me. Face to face I am respected. I felt she should have came at me in a different manner and things would have fallen right into place as needed.

So on that Monday of my returning back to work me and my coworkers were supposed to go out for taste testing as we do every day. And all at once silently not verbally agreeing too; we stayed in the office. No one opened there mouth to come up with this idea. We all just sat there. You see, God he can put things in people’s hearts without you ever knowing. He can make it so that others are going to stand with you and not against you. My God is a fair God, and he will handle anything that seems to stand in your way. Praying to him and allowing him to handle all things is what he is a master at. Just know I have witnessed things from experience, and my Father Lord Jesus never forgets, nor gives up. Jesus will always allow things to come to a full circle. I am truly so blessed to have a father whom cares so dear of me.

Thank you king of all kings my savior, that you are on my team and I have the greatest power, and all I ever have to do is believe in you Jesus. Thank you for allowing me to only have that to do!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews