Oops.  I just received a news flash from the Liberal camp that we no longer can refer to the middle class as “hard-working citizens.”   Not being fond of the politically correct era – I say the last time I checked our Constitution I still have the freedom and  the right to express my opinion.  So here goes. 

The middle class, the hard-working citizens are the glue holding our Nation together.  They are the ones who pay the Washington Cartel their exorbitant wages for brief time working on our clock. The most of the Cartel’s time, which we pay for is sitting on their duffs under a palm tree on some gorgeous island while we’re working our butts off 24/7.

The middle class supports  all of those with their hands out wanting free housing, free heat, free food, free healthcare, free college and of course free cellphones and food stamps 

Here’s the kicker and you can take this to the bank. The Chamber of Commerce, GOP, Koch bros. and Liberals, collectively have joined forces to basically finish us off.  They want to have total control over our daily lives and our children’s lives.   

They will spend billions of dollars to fight the hard-working American citizen, because they want to keep you in that fish bowl where you’ve been swimming for years. 

During the next few months, be prepared for the many lies that will hit your TV screen, telephone and newspapers or journals.  You are about to be sent on a long strenuous political trip laced with propaganda because they want what they want when they want it.  They want you, America!

Forget Republican or Democrat for the time being, this is an all - out war by the Chamber of Commerce, GOP, Liberals, Democrats and News Media against the hard working citizens of our Nation.  They have choreographed a plan that will force you into electing the new Commander in Chief for 2016 of their choice. He or she, damn sure will be a member of the Washington Cartel, who is owned by the big donors, lobbyists and the Government.  

This grisly unethical group of people has deep pockets and they are prepared to take you down.  Hang onto your hats and arm yourself for the battle that has just started to take place.  Fight for your children, grandchildren and future generations to come.  Fight for your beautiful America, your Military, senior citizens and families. 

First things first though, in order to regain control of American citizens they must first remove Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson. These three men single-handedly have taken on the Washington Cartel.  They are not politicians; they are “outside” fighters.   These three men love America and all Americans.  They are unique because there’s not enough money to buy them or own them.    

Trump, Cruz and Carson are actually armed with two of the greatest weapons in our Nation’s history – God and our Constitution.  They want to get back to the basics, (1) Restore the laws of our land, (2) Place the Government back into the hands of the people, and (3) Restore our Democracy.   

The “silent majority” is under siege and the war is on our turf.  In the next 10 months the “silent majority” will be immersed in political propaganda daily, because that is the “insiders” weapon of choice.  Political propaganda is an old, but proven weapon that is literally impossible to destroy.   

Even though our Nation is in a downward spiral and our foundation has been weakened, there is a silver lining here…   

The silent majority has exactly two options at this time.  They can restore our Nation and make America great again if they join hands and defeat the Washington Cartel (the GOP, the Liberals and Liberal News media,) or the silent majority can be an accomplice with those who wish to destroy our Nation. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Published by Marcia Wood