I do a lot of reading about the role of personal evangelism in the life of a Christian and I’ve come to the conclusion that the most effective form of evangelism takes place within a relationship; witnessing in its most basic form…sharing one’s own story.

Thinking about that forced me to see I didn’t have a personal narrative. I shared bits and pieces of my faith from time to time, but never felt my own experience had enough drama to qualify as witnessing.  I  tried to console myself that the way I live my life is my testimony of faith, along the lines of “walking the walk, not just talking the talk.”


I needed to consciously prepare my personal narrative and be unashamed in sharing it when the opportunities arise and the Spirit leads. My story is my personal piece of the Good News and therefore it is my responsibility to share it in response to the Great Commission.

The title of the book and TV series “Silent Witness” refers to forensic clues found on a murder victim which testify against the killer, but Jesus Christ is alive. His followers are living, breathing evidence of His goodness and grace.

Believers need to not only walk the walk, but we must tell everyone we meet just why we walk as we do, and what a difference Jesus makes in our lives.

Power Walking with Jonna - Dec. 2, 2016]

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