She’s 25, experiencing her life in the simplest way. She’s trying to feel the warmth of existence but with life’s shortcomings her heart keeps on freezing with time. She’s the bravest girl you can ever meet but just like everyone else she needs to break down sometimes. With her happy personality, she can make other people laugh and open their secrets to her. She can give good advice on dealing life but she, she needs to be advised as well. It’s like she can heal others’ wound but can’t heal her own pain.

Many people are around her, different shapes, different personality, different identities, and a different purpose in life. But sometimes she found herself alone; don’t know what to do when life keeps on beating her up.  Along with darkness and disappointments in her life, a light shined out her path. Her cold and numb heart felt something she never had before. A total renewing of her, a total transformation was done with the help of that shining light.

Her Father God who never failed of loving her gave her a new beginning and purpose in life. She’s 25 and in the middle of searching her new mission at her stage in life. She’s young and fulfilling God’s plan one step at a time. She’s in the moment of reprogramming herself, letting go of her past and moving forward with life’s lessons with her. She’s free from the burdens and looking the world with new heights of positivity. She’s starting a new page in her existence, reaching dreams and fulfilling promises.

She’s 25 and on her way of experiencing life passionately through God’s will. She’s almost there to be the best version of herself and she is me.

Published by Tina Maria