For the 2 main resorts on the island and for its resident surfers an A Frame waves that both resorts overlook are the clear focus. This is where the guests who visit either Mahi Mahi Resort or Aura Surf Resort will call home for their stay. And this is where they’ll end up surfing most the time.

The Peak is a super fun left and right wave that breaks with more consistency than just about any wave we know of. The left is the longer & hollower wave where as the right is softer & shorter. It breaks on all tides which is a real bonus and can handle swells up to triple over the head and is extremely fun even in the chest to shoulder high. It picks up swell year round thanks to south west swells running up from the Indian Ocean as well as more localised and monsoon swells that litter the shores from the north in off season. And with easy access from the beach, it’s just a short and straight forward paddles out to the line-up. Winds remain favourable year round thanks to its proximity to the equator.


The left being the better of the 2 waves is the more popular option producing a tube from the take off right through the inside before closing out on the last section. The take off zone is quite large due to the peaks shifty nature with larger sets catching the pack out with some regularity. Although perfect for its day, The Peak has a number of moods and can have phases of less than perfect conditions. But thanks to its extreme consistency it’s never long before the wave really switches on again. It’s hard to emphasise just how consistent this wave is. What it sometimes lacks in quality it easily makes up for in a number of days it breaks. The wave also breaks well at shoulder high right through to double or even triple over the head.


The right is often overlooked by the majority of the surfers who typically focus on the left. It’s true that the right isn’t as good but that’s not to say it can’t deliver some really fun waves during most sessions. Similarly to the left, its shape is better on the lower tide however it doesn’t produce a tube with any real consistency. Surfers can expect plenty of bowl sections that offer the chance of 2 or 3 quick turns before closing out on the inside.


The Peak (aka Jackals) is usually head high to double over head from April until October and will still produce regular waves in the shoulder to head high region throughout the off season (November to March). Main season crowds are between 5 and 15 surfers and 1-10 surfers in the off season. The standard of surfing is often average with plenty of opportunities for all levels to catch plenty of waves.






Published by shokat alam