всем привет !
and whatever you say…

I guess I am making this post because I want to really share the similarities between these languages.  I know they are different, but while studying them, I’ve noticed some similar words.
So I made a list: (psh.. not all the words though)

With French

Personnage- персонаж  (personazh) : character
Dame-Дама (Dama): lady
Etape- этаж (Etazh): floor/steps
Nouveau- новый (Noviy): New
Cauchemar- кошмар (Koshmar) : Nightmare
Concours – Конкурс (Konkurs): contest/competition
Parole- пароль (Parol’): password/word
Voyage – вояж (Voyazh): journey/tour
Bibliotheque- библиотека (Biblioteka): library

En espanol

Noche – ночь (Noch’): night
Luna – луна (Luna): moon
Sol – солнце (Solntse): Sun
Corto – короткий (Korotkiy): short
Dar – дать (Dat’): Give
Biblioteca- библиотека (Biblioteka): Library
Mar – море (Mor-eh): Sea

So..what do you guys think?

Published by Candice Zhang