For the BRAVE individuals about to read:

This is a blog about my life, the life of one Jacob Hamilton. We're talking makeup, hair, the "reals" of being in the industry, relationships, things I find funny, and all things in between, over and under.  

I should probably introduce myself and my life: my name is Jacob Hamilton. I am 22 years old, and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I spend most of my time working on building my business - Simon Stylez Hair & Makeup. I work as a freelance Hair and Makeup Designer. I am also working toward building a strong team of freelance individuals, in multiple genres of creative work, to create your "one-stop-shop" for all things in the style industry. I have a handful of best friends and my life-long friend, who's been with me since it all began. They're all a part of the large, loving family and support system, for who I am truly grateful. 


"...Be @$*# -y, like put in some real personality - It comes so naturally, after all"

I woke up yesterday thinking. I have just gone through the whirlwind that was October: Fashion Week, Rainbow Festival, The Fashion Focus Hair Show, Halloween, the list goes on. But this October felt different to me. Maybe it was my state of mind that was different? Because it all seemed so familiar, but felt so different than it had. Not as exciting as it had once been. 

But I knew yesterday when I woke up that I needed something new; something fresh. At some point it had dawned on me that I received an email for this website, MyTrendingStories, to create material on the site, and the answer was obvious. I had just watched Julie&Julia the night before, so I was super pumped to get started. For those of you who don't know, Julie&Julia is about a woman who blogs/cooks her was through Julia Child's The Art Of French Cooking. Essentially, the blog breathes new life into her career and self esteem. I got on the website and started editing my profile.

I texted my boyfriend for ideas and encouragement to get this blog up and running. He had a myriad of things to say, but just one stuck with me: "...Be @$*# -y, like put in some real personality - It comes so naturally, after all."  Those kinds of comments are the reason I'm with him, I think. He seems to just get that I am who I am - sarcastic, crotchety, and creative. It's sweet, hilarious, and alarming, all at the same time, that he wants me to share that with the world. His words inspired me so much that I immediately sat down to get more of my ideas onto paper. 


I work in my studio day to day, however, from time to time, I take freelance jobs. A few weeks back, a friend, owner of Storybook Entertainment, contacted me. A little more than a year ago, when her business was still green, I was asked to come teach some basic face-painting to her performers. This time, though, she was asking me to do some face-painting at Barrio Queen for Dia De Los Muertos - one of my favorite inspirations. 

As I am on the way, I hit ridiculous traffic! Some of the worst I have ever seen in Phoenix. And then I remembered that Hillary Clinton was at ASU speaking. Plainly speaking: I was screwed. I got off the highway, got on another, went in the wrong direction, and then finally found my way.

I arrived fifteen minutes late. As I ran to the door of the building, I flung it open and threw myself at the hostess station. I explained how sorry I was for running late and the hostess' reply? "Running late is my cardio." We both died of laughter as we set up my station. 

I had a handful of guests, and then this job that I was stressed over, was all of a sudden behind me. It flew right by! So, I packed up my stuff, and prepared for the long trek home from GILBERT. Have you ever been to Gilbert? It's basically a million miles from anything... But anyways, I returned home and tucked myself into bed with a bottle of cheap wine and Steampunk'd streaming on Netflix. 

So here we are, and my first blog entry is finished. I hope you all made it through alive, goodness knows I about didn't. This regimen is going to take some getting used to, but I'm really enjoying it. If you had a splendid time reading this complex piece of literature, please like, comment, and share it! 

Much love,



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