There are so many diets, workout programs, and quick-fix supplements for weight loss. With all of these products to choose from which one should you use? The truth is you don't need any of it. The plain and simple fact is that there is a sure-fire method for weight loss that takes no extra investment other than what you're already spending. In fact, you should save money by eating less. Let's face it there is no easy way to lose a large amount of weight in a short amount of time and any salesman selling a snake oil that claims to do that is ripping you off.


The simple weight loss formula

To burn fat and shed weight the only thing you need to do is burn more calories than you take in during a day. You can do this by portion control or low-calorie meals, but it could also be terribly unhealthy food you're eating if it has a moderate caloric content. The exercise you're doing doesn't have to be extreme either. It could be yoga or a light jog. lifting weights burn calories too, but if you want total weight loss you might see an increase in muscle mass. Even though you may lose fat the muscle will weigh more, but you'll be fit. For less of a mass building exercise use less weight and do more repetitions, or do cardio.



Extreme results require extreme measures

If you want big losses than you're going to have to be committed to a diet of basically nothing. Do you like burgers? You better forget they ever existed and eat a lean meat in a small portion. If you thought a salad was a good idea think again because those dressings are full of calories. Try coke zero if you want soda but it would be better to just drink water. If you like flavorful things that make you feel full when you eat them and can't stomach a rice wafer and bottle of water for your one meal of the day then maybe being fat is the best thing for you. Diet is a big part of losing weight and simply not eating is a great way to do it, though not for a long term goal. Eat less, much less, and when your diet is set then you can start to consider the next step.


Exercise like you're training for the Olympics

You want a beach body but don't want to do any sit ups? Go get liposuction then. If you don't want an expensive shortcut that makes you a lazy sack of bones then start your training now. Make a commitment to do exercises every day that will take as little as 20 minutes. Do push ups, sit ups, burpees, lunges, and anything else that would qualify as cardio. You can do it at home and without weights. Yoga is a good alternative to stretching and can increase flexibility for when you're actually exercising. When you really want to lose the weight it's time to hit the gym. Warm up with a run, or as I prefer a stationary bike. After that hit the weights and rep like you've never repped before. You will be sore even though you shouldn't be using a lot of weight, but that's no reason to stop. There's a saying that's posted in countless locker rooms. "Pain is just weakness leaving the body." And with this weakness that leaves, so will that extra fat. Or you could just try bulimia, that worked out for those cheerleaders in your high school right? But if you actually want to be healthy you need to eat less and exercise more. Simple plan, difficult implementation. But here are a few tips for getting the motivation to get out there and stop eating. Heart diseases are the number one killer of older Americans, if you've made it past 40 you should consider taking care of you heart now, and if you're obese the likelihood of you having diabetes or other health problems skyrockets. Your self-esteem usually depends on how you feel about your body image and other factors. Getting in shape could help your mental health even more than just being well rested and more energetic. When I was fat everyone made fun of me, I didn't lose weight for them but if you have the personality I have and are looking chubby (And by that I mean obese) it doesn't help your well being. If you're struggling with the weight that just won't come off join a gym or sport. Try MMA and knock out those people that made fun of you for being fat!


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