This spell will cause the person of your choosing to become attracted to you, yeah, it's a love spell. You will need:

Large pink paper

Small pink paper

A red pen/marker/pencil/ect

A piece of rose quartz

To start, take the large pink paper and fold it into an origami lotus blossom (instructions: Now, take the small pink paper and write the name of the person of intent backwards, eliminating any silent letters. Next, write:

Set this thought in his/her/their/xer/ect mind
Set this thought in his/her/their/xer/ect heart
Set this thought in his/her/their/xer/ect life
So that we will never part

Then, tuck it into the petals of the flower on the bottom (you'll know what I mean once you make the flower), and take the rose quartz in your hands. Chant the words aloud while charging the stone and once it has been charged, put it in the center of the flower. Voila, you're done! Good luck and happy crafting!

Published by Kalaeo Nox