Losing a loved one is a very difficult thing to go through. The best you can do is accept what happened and find a way to move on with life. It is always good to plan a funeral and memorial service when you lose someone. This will give the family and friends of the deceased a chance to get together to honor as well as remember the person who died while at the same time offering comfort and support to the people closest to the deceased. If you are making these arrangements for the first time, you will need a guide. This article takes a look at some of the things you should do when planning a funeral or memorial service.

Select a form of disposition

A funeral and a cemetery burial are not the same. Others assume that if you are choosing cremation, a funeral service will not be needed. These are all common misconceptions. A funeral involves two things:

  • What to do with the remains of the deceased
  • How to honor, remember and celebrate the life of the deceased

When planning a funeral, it is good to start by choosing a form of final body disposition. The main options include:

  • Traditional burial – below ground, or above ground in mausoleum/sepulcher
  • Green or natural burial
  • Cremation
  • Alkaline hydrolysis

Picture a meaningful service

Funeral services are more personalized today. They reflect the unique life and personality of the deceased as viewed by the surviving loved ones or the deceased. You need to imagine a funeral service that you and the deceased would consider the most meaningful way of saying goodbye. You also need to think about the:

  • Officiants – The person leading the service who could be a clergy member or funeral director
  • Readings –Prayers, poems, secular passages and who will deliver them
  • Eulogists – Who will write and read the eulogy?
  • Music
  • Food or beverages
  • Pallbearers if you are going for the graveside service
  • Recording the service

At times, this might be too overwhelming if you were too close to the deceased. The best thing is that you can pick someone to do the planning for you or work with a team of professionals like the Gold Coast Funerals. Don’t take on the burden on your own. Get some help. 

Should the body be present?

This is an important question you will have to answer. Burials and cremations are merely forms of body disposition. Prior to the disposition of the body, you can have it present at the funeral service. The body can be present in an open casket. It is also possible to cremate the body without the service beforehand then hold a memorial service later.

Flowers and donations

You need to decide beforehand if the attendees should send flowers or make donations or both. It is okay to setup a charitable organization in honor of the deceased.

These are the important steps you will need to take when planning a funeral service. If the deceased had made end-of-life wishes, it is good to honor them as you make your arrangements. 

Published by Harris Scott