Much before we’re set on our career path, most of us pre-decide on what we wish to achieve and become in our life. We set our goals, objectives and cover everything vital within a particular time frame. The sole reason behind most of the career related decisions is materialistic and social oriented in nature. Thus, a lot of people tend to land up in job profiles where they’re continually going through a stressful phase and working upon mutual fulfillment of objectives under copious amounts of pressure. Stress response differs from person to person, and what is simple for someone might be quite difficult for another person. It’s obvious that everyone can’t be skilled at the same domain. Is it possible to have effective time management for everything?

Thus, different job profiles bring different amounts of work pressure, and employees are willing to go to any extent to achieving company goals. With higher workloads, pressure and organizational targets, it becomes quite difficult for people to maintain the right work –life balance and relationships.

How Work Pressure Kill the Happiness Out of your life? 

Stress and anxiety have always been infamous for inducing negative impacts on the physical and mental health of the individual. These effects are directly an outcome of the workplace and the copious amounts of work done by the employee. So, if you’re working 50-60 hours per week and are starting to face health issues, in such a situation, you need to have a deep thought upon questions such as “Do you love what you do?” “Are you happy with your job?” “Is this the right career path for you?” or “are the rewards worth it?”

If a straight no strikes your mind without a second thought, then you’re surely in for trouble in the long term. It’s not the right thing to gamble with your health for a certain sum paid on a monthly basis. For most of us, a day in the life begins in the office and ends in office as well, leaving no time for self or maintaining relations. On top of that, people around you, who’ve got no idea what you’re going through. There are a whole lot of problems due to being busier.

1. Bad Relationships – A day full of stress would be the major contributor to strained and burn-out interactions with supervisors as well as peers. Combining the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness might generate heightened sensitivities to different types of criticisms, depression, paranoia and defensiveness regarding job security. Further, it can result in short tempered behavior, diminished self-esteem, and just withdrawal.

2. Increase in Health Issues – Additionally to vision problems, sleep disorders and headaches, weight gain/loss and blood pressure affect gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, according to Richard Weinstein, author “The Stress Effect.” So basically if you’re not physically fit, how could you be mentally fit?

3. Increase in Stress & Depression Everyone is searching for satisfaction in life, and if you’re not getting it by your typical nine to five, there is no point in continuing it. The chances are that you’ll invite depression real quick accompanied by many other adverse effects. Thus, it’s good to know what you wish to do with life to avoid problems due to being busier.

4. Non-productive life – Jobs that are demanding and consume you throughout the day wouldn’t let you pursue your productive life that you used to enjoy every day. Thus a job that leaves you with no other opportunities to learn without time management is just a means of making money.

So how does it feel to be consumed throughout the day in doing something that you apparently never wished to do? Now let’s put a situation where you’re working only 100 minutes a day and are earning sufficient for maintaining a healthy and decent livelihood. Would you like to work in such a manner nad have more for less – time management hack? Or are you excellent on neglecting your health and prosperity for the sake of just a little more respect in the society?

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Published by Nikhil Shrivastava