An air conditioner is a device which helps in removing the heat or the warm temperature from the interiors of a home by making the interior cool and comfortable. In this article, we will be discussing about two types of Air conditioners that can be easily installed in a home. The first one is a window Air Conditioner: This air conditioner is just one unit which is directly fixed onto the window. The second one is a Split Air Conditioner: this air conditioner consists of two units – an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Though the installation process for both the air conditioners is different, there are certain general instructions that are common for both the types of air conditioners.

General Instruction:

Measure the size of the room. Based on the size of the room you need to choose the right size of air conditioner unit for your home. Check the energy efficiency rating (star rating) on the air conditioner that will help in giving the right cooling capacity for the room and it will also help in consuming less power.

Keep a dedicated circuit only for the air conditioner. It is important to take note of the electrical requirement of the air conditioner that is the volts and the amp of the plug point.

Refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual on preparing for the installation of the air conditioner.

Window Air Conditioner:

  • Check the surface of the window all around and make sure that the window area is clear for installation. Also, check the level of the window, if the level is not straight then you may need to add another small piece of wood board in-order to get the level of the window right for the air conditioner to sit on it.
  • Install the air conditioner unit onto the window and make sure it sits well in the space. Keep it in the center of the window and slowly lower the window sash onto the air conditioner and let it rest on the air conditioner to hold onto it. Secure the brackets or screws provided to the air conditioner and the window. For safety reasons make sure that the upper sash of the window is fixed in place with a screw or a piece of wood.
  • Once the air-conditioner is installed pull the side curtains from the air conditioner covering the edges of the window. Check for any gaps in the window to keep away the bugs or warm air from entering the room. Seal all the gaps with the foam insulation board. Also note-The gap between the upper window sash and the lower window sash should be closed with foam.
  • Check the filters for any dust. Lower the drain pipes outside the window for the water to drain out. You may want to keep a bucket to collect the water draining from the pipes so that the surroundings are clean.
  • Turn on the power of the air conditioner. Select the fan mode for air conditioner with the remote controller.

Split Air Conditioner:

  • Install the plate on the wall to fix the indoor unit of the air conditioner. Make a hole in the wall for the drain pipes to pass through to the exterior of the wall.
  • Mount the indoor unit of the air conditioner on the wall and fasten the brackets to secure it.
  • Install a stand on the exterior of the wall to fix the outdoor unit. Mount the outdoor unit on the stand. Make sure that the drain pipes are lowered. Check the pipes or valves for any gas leaks. Make sure to bind the copper pipes and the drain pipes with an electrical tape.
  • Seal any gaps and holes with insulation foam to avoid the cool air from escaping outside. Check the filters of the indoor unit for dust.
  • Turn on the power of the air conditioner. Select the fan mode for an indoor unit with the remote controller.

Now that you have understood the basic process of installing an air conditioner either for a window or a split air conditioner you could go ahead and install the air conditioner by yourself or you could hire air conditioner professional to do the installation for you. In any case, even if you hire a person to do the installation you know the steps that are involved in the procedure and can check whether the person is doing it right.

Published by Evan Javier