Do you want to know how to increase your penis naturally?

This write up will properly explain how to naturally grow the size of your penile with two simple natural tricks.

  1.  Jelqing

Jelqing is among the best ways to grow your penis. It is a natural daily exercise that does not take much time as compared to other methods.

This is highly effective and reliable. It is performed by massaging the penis and force the blood flow towards it.

To perform jelqing, the first step is to ensure that you are properly warmed up. You should never attempt to do any penis exercise without warming up, no matter what you have been told.

The basic fact about this exercise is to be properly guided about this technique, so that it will be helpful for you to grow your penis in an effective way.

Lubricate your shaft and firmly grab your penis. Do not grip it too hard but do it in moderation.

After this, raise your hand in the air and allow your thumb and index finger to touch each other. When this is properly done, it should form a ring type shape or an 'OK' sign.

Next, wrap your thumb and index finger around the shaft of your penis. Allow it to be close to your body.

When this has been done, gradually stroke your penis and let the movement be away from your body, moving towards the edge of your male organ.

If you desire to grow your penis, it is important you avoid stroking its head.

Repeat this action for approximately four minutes a day. Do it for at least sixty days to see some major and successful changes.

  1.  Natural Foods to increase Your Penis size

A lot of people are ignorant of the fact that penis enlargement can be achieved via consumption of natural foods and products.

This trick involves combining it with another technique so that you can really grow your penis in the required time.

The best technique to combine this is the 'Jelqing' exercise as stated above. You can get better, stronger and harder erections out of them and in turn, improve your sex life altogether.

Foods that need eaten to achieve best results are fruits, fresh vegetables and oily fish. This is always a good practice for your health and the growth of your penis.

Here are more foods that you should try:

Raw Oysters - help to improve a man's libido and spice up his sex life. Raw oysters contain an active ingredient called dopamine, which can increase libido.

Oysters also contain a lot of zinc, which is known to increase sperm production and testosterone in men.

To be frank, one of the most classic and well-known erotic foods in contemporary times are the raw oysters.

Bananas - are among the food that increase libido.

They contain active enzymes called potassium, riboflavin and bromelain, which help to boost stamina and energy levels during sexual activity. The same goes for avocados.

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Jelqing is a great way to toughen the tissue in the penis and strengthen the surrounding muscles in the pelvic wall as well.

Other forms of male enhancement exercises are kegel exercises, PC contractions, torque, and tension techniques.

These exercises should be combined with dietary improvements and natural lifestyle changes to transform your sexual self confidence in the bedroom and beyond.

Published by Joseph Nicholls