Many is asking me about my diet; how did I manage to have this body and how did I manage to have this abs. Some think that I do not eat, I monitor the calories I take in each food that I eat, I choose what I eat, and I live in a gym–well I wish I do but I am not nor am I in a strict diet. I eat like normal people does and sometimes even eat like a cow. And contrary to what other people think, I can still eat what we see as unhealthy foods (i.e., burger, fries, to name a few).

However, I am not saying that gaining abs is that easy. Before I had it, I had a lot of sacrifice and I had to develop a self-control. But if you really are into something, a few sacrifice may be crucial at first before it will eventually feel natural, fulfilling even.

Gaining abs can be done at gym and/or at home. Having a “busy life” can never be an excuse to not do some ab exercise. Here are the simple ways to gain abs:


Manage Your Thinking

You cannot just say that you want to have abs but you are not motivated enough to have it. Make sure that you are really in it and is willing and ready to do whatever it will take to achieve it. Do not say that you want it only because you are jealous of that friend who have it; say that you want it because you want it for yourself, that you want to see yourself with it.


Prepare Yourself to Have Some Sacrifice

As I mentioned above, I had a lot of sacrifice when I was just starting which includes giving up softdrinks/soda, avoiding sweets, not eating too much rice, not eating rice for dinner, doing ab exercise everyday, embracing the pain of ab exercise, and eating boiled eggs after each exercise. Make sure that you are ready for those as well.


Learn the Art of Self-Control

In connection with having some sacrifice, of course you need to have self-control. Otherwise, you cannot stop yourself from eating those sugar, for example. I often tell those who ask me about my secret that one of the key in losing weight and having abs is really to have a self-control.


Give Up Ice Cold Drinks

Cold drinks are one of the top source of belly fat hence, it is one of the things which you have to give up if you want those abs. Switch to warm water and give up softdrinks/soda, iced cold coffee, powdered juice, and iced tea.


Have At Least 15 Minutes in the Morning

You can start your “abs mission” by giving yourself 15 minutes in the morning to do some ab exercise. You do not have to use any equipment, you just need make that body move. Exercise such as sit-ups, crunches, plank, and heel touches can already make a difference. You can do it everyday or every other day, depending on how high is your motivation and how much you can take the pain of those exercise*.

*For other types of ab exercise, thanks to Google, it is just a search away.


Be Bestfriends with Eggs

You might have already heard that eggs can help in toning muscles. May it be a raw or boiled egg, that is actually correct. Two to three eggs every after exercise is enough to gain those abs.


Invest on Abs Exercise Equipment

Once you have become more passionate in building those abs, you can most probably already invest on abs exercise equipment to better help you in building and/or maintaining your abs. There are a lot of abs exercise equipment, such as Adjustable Sit Up Benches, which you can buy at an affordable price. You may buy online or in Sport Stores.


Have a Balanced Diet

You can eat three times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) but you should limit your food intake. Rice intake most especially as it is another source of belly fat. Half cup or one cup of rice is enough per meal.


Learn to Have the Right Posture While Eating

It is important to have the right posture while eating for proper digestion of food and to help in burning your belly fat.


Stand Up or Walk After Eating

After eating, rest for at least five minutes before standing up and/or walking. Standing up and/or walking at least 15 to 30 minutes after eating helps in digesting the food well and faster; it will also help you in losing that belly fat.

No, you will not die. And no, you do not have to totally avoid eating pizza; you just have to limit it. I myself is guilty of having cheat days (i.e., I eat all the unhealthy foods that I want in a day). But, BUT, do not make your cheat day often. You can have it once a week, then once every two weeks, until you no longer feel the need to have it at all. Change cannot happen over night and in a snap of a finger; it will happen gradually. So do not expect that when you do sit-ups today, you will already see the progress tonight or tomorrow. If you want those abs, be patient and avoid complaining. Otherwise, just forget about it.

Published by Chii Tseng