7 simple ways to protect your Facebook account from hacking :
Now it is very common to use Facebook for every one .But the common issue regarding Facebook is password hacking.To prevent Facebook hacking  here are some suggestions.

1)while using on others computers or mobiles better to use incognito window which will be on top right options of chrome .Because common browser my store your data.And there is one more  technique called key loggers.If key loggers installed in your computer by unknown persons , it will record all your keyboard key strokes and your computer screenshots and your pics through your web cam also.And send that data as a mail to that installed person.

2)Protect your password – Your password must consisting of caps letters and small letters and numbers , special characters too.Don’t show your password to others.Don’t set general passwords like your mobile number , 12345— ,your favorite persons names .These may be easily caught by hackers.

3)Use our extra security features on Facebook settings like login alerts.These will helps when some one login in to your account a mobile message will sent by Facebook.

4)Make sure your email account(s) are secure.Like as Facebook gmail also consisting of two stage verification .If you accept for that verification , at the time of every login it will asks OTP from your registered mobile.

5)Log out of Facebook when you use anthers computer or mobiles.And also don’t for got to uncheck keep me logged  in option it will store your data.

6)Run efficient anti-virus software on your computer and anti virus Apps on mobile.these are helpful from malware injection techniques.

 7)Think before you click or download anything.Because of links may contain hacking viruses.if you click on those links it will automatically taken your data like email id and password.So don’t click any unknown links on your Facebook whether it may be sent through messages or appears in friends posts.


Published by Manoj Kumar Miriyala