When I read the long list of ingredients on a product label, I often research to find how I can reproduce the product at home. Cost is not always the major factor, but simplicity, quality and self-sufficiency matters as well. For example, the most basic bread recipe will require about 4 simple ingredients. Compare the ingredients listed on store-bought bread and consider why it takes so much more unpronounceable stuff to make it . But we will get into bread in another article in this series.

In this article, I will share my choice of natural deodorants. I've tried different ones in the past, but never quite had a favorite or regular until I used milk of magnesia. That's it. Just one readily available product. No mixing or other ingredients required. The best thing about using MOM is it actually works! And although milk of magnesia is not an antiperspirant, it does keep odor away.

Benefits of MOM

♥ Inexpensive: The generic brand is just as effective as the name brand and only a small amount is required with each use.

♥ Aluminum-free

♥ Non-staining

♥ Can be use straight from the bottle.

♥ Non-irritating: You may experience irritation if you add an essential oil. Try reducing the amount or eliminating.


How to Use MOM

♥ Make sure your armpits are clean.

♥ Use a small amount on your fingertips or washcloth. More is not better.

♥ For an easier and less messy application, reuse empty roll-on bottles.

♥ Allow MOM to dry before getting dressed.


 As mentioned before, you can add essential oils, but take care to only add a few drops to avoid irritation. Also, please be aware your body may go through a period of detoxification where you may think the MOM is not working. Be patient and allow your body to detox while adjusting.


Happy simplicity!



Published by Bridgette B.