What most of us are not taught as we age is how our emotions truly work. Our emotions derive from our belief systems. How we perceive people, situations and things that we are aware of directly affects the way we feel. If our perceptions are negatively biased or we do not know how to solve a problem that arises, we often falsely believe that we are hopeless, or rather without hope. 
There is no doubt that many of us have felt hopeless at one point or another but this notion can be looked at as one of great fallacy. 
Hope is a way of thought which tends to wax and wane dependent upon particular situations that we find ourselves in. One can truly never be without hope, but rather feeling as though we are hopeless, when resources appear limited or when we forget our innate power.
We have all been through our fair share of challenges and the good news is that we have all made it thus far. It's when we make time to strengthen our faith that we can regain control of our thinking and remind ourselves of our own resiliency.  You see, the human spirit can indeed endure great difficulties simply by rising above them. 
When we feel hopeless we must remind ourselves that we can never really be without hope and correct this limited perception. We may not know the answer to a difficulty we face at a given time, however when we align our thoughts accordingly, we can trust our inner divinity will always be there to guide us every step of the way.  What may appear problematic at the time may actually be leading us to something even greater. Our job is to simply allow it.
We will always surpass all perceived struggles, for this is our truth. We are strong, we are resilient and our Faith will always be there to support us. We do not need to hope, we must just simply believe. 

Published by Jen Picinic