Bella Andre has done it again. I love all of the Sullivan Series and I can't pick a favorite because to me they are all amazing. Thank you Bella for another great romance read with an amazing family.

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Suzanne Sullivan is the only girl in the family with three brothers. Two older and one younger, but just because he is younger does not mean he is not just as protective as the other two. After their mother left killed herself and their father pretty much checked out they bound together to form an unbreakable bond between siblings. Alec is the oldest and he hated seeing his sister cry after their mother left and they realized she was not ever coming back. He made a promise right then that he would do what ever it took to keep her from having her heart-broken again. So far he has kept that promise.

Suzanne has been having some problems with her digital security business for the past couple of months. She does not seem all that worried about what is going on but her brother's are getting concerned, especially Alec. So he has hired a bodyguard to protect her.

Roman Huson has had a bad childhood. His mom left them when he was ten years old and all of his life his dad has taught him to never trust a woman, especially a beautiful one with money. His dad had him fighting when he was a teenager and trained him to never lose. He didn't want to have to face what would lay ahead if he ever did, so he did anything it took to win. After a fight that he injured a boy so bad that he lost his eye and almost died he quit fighting and moved out of his dads house. The owner of the local pizza place gave him a place to crash until he could get on his feet, and get on his feet he did. He figured if he needed to have a job and he didn't want to fight then he needed to do the next best thing and that was to become a bodyguard. Now his friend has hired him to look out for his sister.

Suzanne went to her bother's art exhibit and while she was looking for people she knew in walked a man who took her breath away. He was so handsome and he looked like sin to her. She heard her brother Alex call his name and he turned and walked over to them. She could not believe that her brothers knew him and she had not ever met him before. After a few minutes they started waking her way.

Roman was taken away by the beautiful woman who was looking at him when he walked in. After Alec called his name and he was talking to him and his brother Harry he could not help but look at the beauty and that is when he found out that she was their sister. He knew right then that he was in trouble.

When Alec and Harry told her that they hired the handsome man to be her bodyguard she got pissed. She told them that she did not need a bodyguard. They were just as stubborn as her and were not going to relent on this. She was so pissed she left the gallery. And Roman took off after her. When he caught up to her on the sidewalk there was an out of control cab that almost hit them. He got them out-of-the-way just in the nick of time. She thanked him for saving her from and accident, but told him she didn't need a bodyguard and he informed her he was walking her home, she told him it was a public street and took off.

He needed to tell her the next bit of news that he knew was going to piss her off even more but he knew he needed to tell her before they reached her apartment. He was living next door to her. She did not take that very well at all. When she got home she decided that night that she was going to seduce him into kissing her so he would have to resign.

Roman was fighting off the attraction as hard as he could, but it was getting even harder with the way she was dressing. But he took his job seriously and he was going to fight it as long as it took to find out who was doing this to her.

The more she try to seduce him the harder she was falling for him especially the more they talked. She was falling hard for him and it scared the hell out of her. She was so scared of turning into her parents that she always chose safe for relationships and not hot steamy feelings like she was feeling for Roman. She was fighting just as hard toward the attraction as Roman was.

They go to the lake where her dad lives for Smith and Valentina's wedding. It was spur of the moment but she was not going to miss it for anything. She knew he was going to come with her and by then she liked having him around.

During the time at the lake some things happened and I am not going to give away what happened next. I want you to read for yourself what happened. I like to give a report of the start of the book to get people interested in wanting to find out what happens so they will pick up the book and read the rest. So here is some questions you will be able to find answers to when you get your copy and read it for yourself.

What happens to Suzanne and Roman at the lake?

What does her brother's especially Alec do when they find out?

What does her father have to say when he finds out?

Who is messing with her company and does anything else happen that leads them to the person?

Do Roman and Suzanne get their forever love in the end?

Read and you will know the answers to all of these questions.

If you have not ever read this series before here is a list so you can start from the beginning so you will know who the other people are when they all get together at the lake.

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Always On My Mind (Lori & Grayson)

One Perfect Night (A novella guest starring Mia Sullivan and Rafe Sullivan)

The Way You Look Tonight (Rafe & Brooke, The Seattle Sullivans)

It Must Be Your Love (Mia & Ford, The Seattle Sullivans)

Just To Be With You ( Ian & Tatiana, The Seattle Sullivans)

I Love How You Love Me (Dylan's Story, The Seattle Sullivans)

All I Ever Need Is You (Adam & Kerry, The Seattle Sullivans)

Now That I've Found You (Drake & Rosa, The New York Sullivans)

Since I Fell For You (Suzanne & Roman, The New York Sullivans)

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