Originally, this blog was all about Valentine's Day celebrations for couples. The decor, the DIY, food ideas etc etc but then I had a sudden realization that even though I am planning to celebrate this week of "LOVE" here on the blog, but I am single!!! I don't have a guy who will come home to the awesome Red-Love home decor, cakes and chocolates. I am not going out on that romantic dinner. I am not even getting any rose bouquet or red dress or bottle of champagne on the yacht followed by the warm kisses! Well, it's not that I am not happy and not enjoying myself but Valentine's is a day when you think you need that special someone, so at least for a day, even you can fulfill all those 'fantasy' things couples do. And I also knew, I am not the only one who is feeling this way!!! So that's when my decision of celebrating the LOVE on Valentine's Day (couples, no offense but not this year) changed! Who's says one cannot have fun without a boyfriend or a date! I started thinking what I'll do to make it way more happening for me and also for other single girls. And believe me girls, this we can enjoy a lot more! Anti- Valentine's Party - What's more fun than partying for not being in love. This is the well-known thing all around the world where either singles or broken hearted girls and guys come together to celebrate the single hood. Drinks, food and pinatas filled with liquor choclates! I had to keep this on no.1 because duhhh!!! Partaaay!! Who won't want that!? Buy Flowers- Why you need only a man to give you flowers? Buy a bunch of roses or the bouquet of your favorite flowers. Make a trip to your local florist and ask him to make a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers. Go to your work with those flowers in your hand girl! Gift yourself some Cupcakes - Find it online or order it a day prior and have it delivered at your doorstep. A gift for you from yourself. And why only cupcakes, eat cookies, cakes, chocolates, whatever you love. Dress up - Dress up for the day. Be it college, office or be at home girls. Doesn't matter. Wear that one sexy dress you've been saving for a special occasion. Wear something fancy. Doll up! Paint your lips Red- Wear the hot red lipstick you been too shy to wear on usual days. Be bold. Any shade of red will make you feel bloody hot, USE it! Hit the town- If you have a day off of office or college, visit the townside. Go for shopping at Causeway. Take lot of selfies at famous places. Take a trip to the awesome vintage shops there. If don't want to buy anything? Also a great place for window shopping! Have a Spa Day- Mani-Pedi, Hair, face, anything you want or simply go for the whole body massage. Make your body and mind feel great with spa day out. Nail Art- Do your nails! There are many tutorials on YouTube where you can learn and be artistic and creative with your nails. Make it your DIY project of the day. Buy yourself Balloons - I don't know how many of you love balloons but I am crazy for them. Not that I buy them every other day but any party or celebrations without balloons are incomplete for me. And when you are celebrating your singlehood, why not? Go on a Date- Go on a date with your bestie. Have all type of crazy fun that you cannot even do with your boyfriend. It's always memorable when you have your best friend beside you. Spend a day with your celebrity crush- Girl, even if you don't want to go out or celebrate having a party, you can spend some awesome time with your favorite celebrity. Mine is Milind Soman. Since last 15 yrs and no one has yet replaced him. Who's your favorite?! Rent the movie and enjoy! Wink! Be Fabulous - Because You already are! Not any lesser than you expect to be. So be it. So what are you doing this Valentine's? Let me know! Hope you liked and enjoyed today's blog.

Published by Mugdha Songire