Single mothers are always ridiculed; for having one kid or multiple.

Being called whores, sluts, unfit mothers;

Young, hot in the pants; dumb; stupid; irresponsible; ignorant; basically incredibly disgusting beings.

While in all helping to create our future doctors; lawyers; athletes that you all praise; musicians that you all bow down to; and teachers that also help teach you!

They say single parented homes have a high rate of kids pursuing drugs, danger, death and also jail.

But they forget to tell us about the single parented kids that continued to succeed in life; regardless of who surround their initial up bringing’s.   

As a human; I have realized that in many ways we all make mistakes; we are all prone to falling at some point in our lives; which in the end giving us the ultimate growth and value for learning. Some people fall differently than others; and not every fall is a fail!

 We as individuals never know the back drop of someone else’s story. And if we did, I’m sure a whole lot of our eyes would be greatly opened.

As a single mother I have learned that we are all worriers. We are all fighters and we are all greatly to be celebrated. You see regardless who is around to help us out; we mostly do it on our own. Being a parent is hard even for spouses. Now imagen if it was only one of you? Everyday whipping away tears; comforting your beloved child while always being focused on survival. In your heart all you have ever wanted was to create a great life for them. As you worry daily about what their future will bring; wishing you had a better plan before now. While the world looks at you as if you are the scum of the earth. Continuing with their lives, never stopping to see if you have all you need; selfishly living in individual envious greed. As the single mother screams out “Hey, wait, what about me. I’m all alone; struggling to raise my seed. The future is in my hands, could you please help me?” as they pass own by.  Being a parent is hard, but being a single parent is even harder. Have you ever heard of the expression “it takes a village to raise a child”; well this is very true; there was a village God set in my life to help raise me. And thankfully he is still building that same village for my lovely child.  Some of us are a part of those villages. To be a helper, watcher, overseer, teacher or even beneficiary. But at times we miss this opportunity while being so focused on unimportant things in life. Like looking for the next biggest house, island or nicest car.

We all need help in different areas of our lives. So don’t look down on a single parent, without out first giving a helping hand. Life is hard enough, we don’t need the stares and ugly faces that come along with your ungodly judgments.  Start instead by molding the future with us and not against us.


Published by Cierra Nicole Crews