July 24, 2016

Hello Beauties,

As you may already know, I am a loc'd sista.  In other words, I have locs; sisterlocks to be exacted.  They are different from traditional locs because of the way that they are created. You won't find many tutorials for starting sisterlocks and maintaining sisterlocks on YouTube (I already looked) by actually sisterlock certified technicians because the method behind sisterlocks is sorta a secret.  If you want the tool that they use, you have to take a class.

I have learned, over the two years and six months of having sisterlocks, how to maintain them myself with a tool called the Nappy Loc Tool.  Having locs of any kind, does not get rid of any hair issues you had before locs.  You will still have those issues.  Before locs, my hair issue was thinning hair at the crown and it has always been a problem for me.

After some research, a ran across a blog, Kreyola's Journey and read some great post about essential oils, thinning hair, and what she uses to address her thinning hair.  I started experimented with essentials oils and created my own little mixture that I feel has helped my issue, when I use it consistently  FYI: I'm not a specialist. I am not saying this will solve your life's woes; but you can try it and see if it works for you!

My mix (for scalp only)

1 oz. Cobalt Blue dropper bottle ( I got mines from Whole Foods)wp-1469400696348.jpg

Essential oils I use, amount & benefits (From Whole Foods):

Rosemary (4-6 drops): Helps with hair growth, reduces thinning & hair loss 

Sage (4-6): Strengthens hair follicles and prevents dandruff

Tea tree oil(1-2 drops very strong):controls dandruff and address dry scalp

Carrier oil I use, amount & benefit (From Walgreens):

Caster oil (fill the rest of the bottle): To dilute the essential oils, as they can be very stong. Promotes hair growth, reduces thinning

wp-1469400105507.jpgI put everything listed above in a 1 oz. blue glass dropper bottle (dark glass helps the essential oils last), give it a go shake and it's ready to use.  I use it twice a day (morning and night), specifically, at the crown.  I do apply it to my entire scalp when it's feeling dry. To help even more,  I take biotin tablets once a day at 10,000 mcg each and it is said to promote healthy hair, skin, and nails.  When you're all out, it is quick and simple to whip up some more and what's also great about the size of the bottle... IT'S TRAVEL-FRIENDLY! You'll always have you hair oil with you.

If you're having similar issues, even if you're not a loc'd sista :), try this out and remember, BE CONSISTENT!

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