Paralyzed by the immobility of a weary exasperation, I pause, waiting for the Senate of Sitters, the House of Misrepresentation, the President of Whim and the Court of Supreme Confusion to hatch a single egg of an idea from their coop of chickens.

I would suggest that it’s time for each of us to step up and become the solution before we are drug into the quicksand of indecision and suffocated by lameness.

So therefore, may I suggest the following mission statement:


elieving in the persistent power of goodness


eeply in our portion of the responsibility of carrying the banner of possibility, we

ffectively craft a plan of action which has historical awareness, future vision and a great sensitivity to the present need.

inding reasons to agree, similarities among us all

iving us a common joy which beckons an uncommon strength to tackle our problems, while

aving respect for one another and reverence for great ideals,

join with you to form US, which is the “we, the people” who are in pursuit of a more perfect union.

ustice is our mind, creativity our heart and mercy our soul.

indly we enjoin.

osing the fickle identity of political parties, we


aturally becoming the melting pot of cultures that we have advertised ourselves to be,

ur hope is an equality that lends itself to equity—

ure of heart, to find the divine within us.

uiet in ignorance,

allying toward learning who we are together, we

urvive to expand what we know without shame over our lacking, for

ruth is submission to the next well-proven revelation. We

nite with each other in our hunger and thirst for what is better. Indeed,

ictory is sweeter when celebrated by all, and

inning, more peaceful when there are fewer losers.

X marks the spot where there is an atmosphere wherein

ou and I, once and for all, are able to look one another in the eye without fear or prejudice—to go out every single day and be:

ealously affected by a good thing.

Published by Jonathan Cring