So, the inevitable happened. I got freshers flu. Yay. Aside from the 5 hour lecture we had to start off the term (and which I have every Tuesday and Friday), not all is bad. I have already been given my first architecture project which I am pretty pumped for and of course I have already been told to redo my work...twice. It is a 4-week project in which we have to investigate a making process and design a building to accommodate it. Not gonna lie, 2nd year is a frickin' ball ache and I've barely started. I have been spending pretty much all my hours perfecting my work only to be told to redo it. Thank god for Photoshop and Digimaps though! If you don’t know what Digimaps is, it is a website library for maps and what I’ve been using to create my work. It takes a while to understand, but once you get the hang of it you can do all sorts of cool stuff like data download map contours or building heights. From there you can open it in Autocad and export to Photoshop where you can Photoshop the crap out of it. This is only part of my site analysis I have redone which shows my project location and is basically here to look cool.

Bring on week 2! How did your first week back at uni go?

Published by Tiff Worrall