An effective website design is every startup’s burning need! It needs to be understood that less effective design can have a huge impact on the branding of your business. If you are a design services provider, then you should be competent enough to generate emerging designs each time to ensure 100% customer satisfaction! Surely as a design company you should know better what is trending and what is not. If you fail to deliver what you promised, inevitably it’ll cost you your clientele! To avoid such an unpleasant situation, you must consider avoiding the common and infrequent mistakes that can negatively affect your market reputation!

What are the common mistakes that can take your business downhill? And what is the solution to that? Nothing to worry about! There is a certain, workable work ethic which can help maintain your repute in the industry! Today, in this blog we will discuss those major mistakes to avoid.

Overcrowding With Myriad Product Features

Many designers believe that adding many features is the only best way to add more value to a product. However, it’s quite contrary to the reality! Accumulation of excess, unnecessary features in a web design can help customers sidetrack and confuse your viewers. It is always a better idea to stick to the core value of the services. Furthermore, the perspective exhibited should be focused more on the need of your services (“why”), rather than “how”! This approach will highly stimulate the level of interest in the audience towards your product and services.

Skipping of a Testing Phase

Many designers try their best to create a good design. After designing they skip its prototype phase and deliver it to the client to be run right away in the market. Is it sane to do so? No! It is like risking and sabotaging your product’s value. It should be kept in mind that it’s quite regular for any design to have some minor or major mistakes in it. If you skip the prototype testing phase then miss the opportunity to improvise and rectify the faults. Prototype testing is the best way to test the website design before it’s made live in the market. Renowned design services providers like Route66 Design Inc. strenuously work on this prototype strategy to avoid any probable product glitches and such embarrassing consequences!

Lack of Creativity and Diversity in Designs

Sometimes, unintentionally designers tend to overuse the design ideas and approaches from their previous work. There’s a high probability of clients noticing this in the final product. This should be avoided at all costs. In order to avoid such situations, one must stick to the customer’s preferences which the clients mention in the design questionnaires! And also, by promoting testing phases and incorporating customer’s feedback accurately!

Say NO to Assumptions!

Assumptions only lead to violation of the commitment made to the clients. And this sort of practice should be avoided at all costs! It is highly advised to do your market research thoroughly, and design and develop products while adhering to the clients’ preferences and needs!

Disregarding Expectations of the Clients

Many designers work on the basis of their own design approach. This is wrong! One must always keep an open mind while creating a product for the customer. You should be able to respect the clients’ preferences and expectations. After all, they paid for it!

Lack of Coordination between the “Designer” and “Developer”

Inefficient coordination between web and graphic designers can give rise to many issues and overkill the company’s productivity. Effective communication and collaboration can generate much positive results to ensure 100% customer satisfaction!

Published by Julia Morison