The last time I drew something was probably when I was eight or nine. Yeah, the last because it was my father’s chequebook.

You have done it. So have I. A boring chemistry class which just wouldn’t end. And then at the back of the notebooks there would be a Marvel/DC like comics in making. Hats off to those who did it right on the first pages.

But that’s just doodling. Later back home, you would sit for hours at your desk. And what you show others at dinner time, only reduces your probability of getting food. A sketch! Of your favourite sport star, actor, actress or if nothing then atleast a ‘modern art’, something which only you could interpret and others would be — Ahan, I see it. They are kind enough to not shoot you down with a gun.


Now, here’s sixteen year old self-taught-sketch artist Shreya who has been doing great in this field

She has drawn some of the biggest names to ever pass through your Insta feed

Luckily, it didn’t take much effort to request her to put her pencils down for a moment and speak to us. Now that she’s ready to answer and talk to us, let’s make the most of the opportunity.

So, Why and how did you start sketching? Was it during the History class back at school? 

From the beginning I was really good in drawing. But when I was in Class 7, I just stopped drawing all at once. And sometime later, I don’t know but I was at it again.

It probably was because, I was fed up with my usual routine and I wanted to do something different . Influenced by my mother who would always tell me to do something which returns happiness and works as a stress reliever.. Maybe this is why.

And no, it wasnt during the History class back at school , it was during sometime in my past that certainly has shaped my future and I’m so glad that it did.

Sketching is the best thing that happened to me!

Your firsts? A disfigured human or were you pretty good well from the beginning?

As I said earlier, I was pretty good with drawing from the very beginning. My brother was very good at this. So yeah, that’s where the inspiration and motivation came from.

School projects helped me to hone my skills and then I was quite known in my class for drawing!

I used to draw a lot of landscapes and god-figures but then when I properly started sketching, that is about a year and half ago, my first sketch was of an imaginary female portrait. I felt really good for me at that point of time and I was really proud of myself. So yes, I continued doing portraits.

(Reminds me of the numerous female portraits I have done. And for some reason it always was a girl with long hair)

And what did people close to you had to say?

My classmates call me an Artist!  My friends , parents , relatives and everybody who know about my skills appreciate me a lot.

Now that you have answered that, would that be even when you would stay awake all night to get a sketch done?

Yes, of course. I think late hours are the best time for sketching, specially winter nights . No time can match that peace and magic!


Favorite artists or influences?

When I started sketching I used to do lesser number of portraits. As in, hardly one each month.

It was then, when I came across a facebook page of a self taught artist from Jammu – Shubham Dogra, who had about 60-70k likes. That, motivated me to do better and take my sketches to facebook.


This was the time when my desire to sketch better grew


And then after an year I came across another amazing artist on Instagram named Dipesh Ambekar, whose fine detailing motivated me to such an extent that I started working damn hard to reach that perfection.

There are many amazing artists on Instagram who inspire me everyday to do better and better.

(It isn’t just pencils, paper and time into a portrait)

Has anyone ever followed up with you to criticize or praise how you’ve drawn them?

Yes. A Many celebrities have responded on twitter and on Instagram.


How many people have come up to you to request a sketch of theirs made? I mean if your friends or family? Did you punch them or a karate-chop?

Yes yes ! I get a lot of requests from random people. I feel a little annoyed with these requests because I am not prepared to sketch any random picture. At least for now. A ‘sorry’ does it’s job.

How’s art class at school? I wonder if at all the teacher sits in the classroom with you being one of the students inside?

Haha! My art teacher was really very impressed with me.

But then, back in school, Art classes are good but not so encouraging.


I have seen that you’ve aptly used the social media platforms to deliver your sketches to those people whom you’ve drawn. How hard or easy is that?

It is really easy. Social media is a powerful platform. Many celebrities have noticed their sketch made by me and then a lot of appreciation & a little of recognition follows.

But that isn’t all. Many have noticed your work and appreciated you as well

Yes, many celebrities like Aditi Rao Hydari , Sooraj Pancholi , Mehwish Hayat , Amyra Dastur , Zareen Khan , Disha patani , Radhika Apte and others were generous enough to notice my work and some even appreciated.

(Did I just read Disha Patani on thag list? Man!)

The best of best comment/reply?


For me, every single word from people of repute means a lot. It is very difficult to tell which was the best but I am really thankful to Zareen Khan who shared my work with her fans with a caption that read,

“it’s beautiful ❤ @Shreya5art “

which was really an amazing moment for me .

What do you aim to achieve while you sit down to sketch?

My aim is to do better than I did before . With every sketch I want to do better than what I did yesterday . And yes I also try to match that celebrity perfectly so that I get a lot of reposts.

Future plans? Other than getting me a coffee?


Haha! I want to be a big name. I want to increase my value

so that I can prove that this world doesn’t need only engineers and doctors


. I want to encourage people to follow their dreams because at the end of the day it’s their happiness and inner satisfaction is all that they need.

As a career?

Definitely.  I want to become a sketch artist because I don’t feel like anything but sketching and what can be better than converting your hobby into your career?

(Can anyone hire me for sleeping and waking up for a cup of coffee?)

What are the chances that you’d draw me and not chase me down for asking one?

If you pay me for it, one hundred percent. Ahahah!

(Can I just delete the last question? She said a no!)

So that was it people.  Catch Shreya on her instagram handle @shreya5art and also on her on Facebook page.

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