The world is accelerating. It is not the same as it used to be a century, decade or even a year ago. Did you know that it took 68 years for airlines to reach 50 million users and it took only 19 days for Pokemon Go to reach the same number of users? As technology grows, you’ll need to drive your creativity at a reasonable pace. And the marketers are not an exception. You cannot just keep it on; you need to go an extra mile to be a top-performer on this dynamic market.

To be a flagman in your niche you need to have a unique combination of soft and hard skills and you are on the right track to gain them if you are reading this article. Here are some tips for you on how to dominate on those who are doing effectively the same as you are.

Be ready to adopt

This day technological advancement and data over-enrichment are the biggest challenges for the marketers. Marketers should skill of the adaptability to good practice and determine how to use technological progress to their best interest. Your routine tasks can become more time- and cost-effective if you use the data and online tools more effectively. The secret is to be open to innovations to fulfill your digital skill hole. You should take the leading position in the industry and pay exceptional attention to trends. The foundation of effective marketing is to create content that helps to adopt in this shifting climate.

Antonio Guc, the CMO of HireRush company, says: “A marketer today has to be extremely versatile and fast. There is no time for any delay at all. Constant updates in search engines and marketing trends push us forward. What was important yesterday doesn’t mean anything today. Sometimes your actions have to predict future to some extent to be a fresh word of tomorrow and not a lame old stuff of the past decade.”

Analytical skills

We are living in the time of big data and from now until 2020, the amount of information will double every two years. The core of marketers job is to collect, analyze and use the data insights. Data analysis makes your job transparent and forces you to concentrate on the areas that actually matter. You may appraise your efforts and show substantial results only if there is a proper statistics behind your marketing strategy. Hunger for data will make you much savvier and will lift your career up.

Predict, but don’t be predictable

To be always one step ahead as a good marketer you need to guess the trends and tendencies of your audience. Unfortunately, there is no magic ball to do that, only the ability to use the data you gathered properly and put it in the right direction. It doesn’t mean that now you need to overwhelm your audience with the information through the omnichannel communication. You need to remember that customers are being egocentric and it is important to create a customer-centric content and strive for the simplification. The main questions in this marketing strategy remain the same no matter what nation or culture the customer belongs to. All of them are global. You need to follow basic human motivators to drive your message to the upfront and to have the guarantee that it is remembered. And it’s always a good idea to save a place in your marketing strategy for any unexpected changes.

Be a strategist

Marketers are multitaskers by definition. There are too many focuses in their daily routine: communication through various channels, tons of content, millions of tools and databases, dozens of fresh ideas on how to support all these processes. But really competent marketers differ by their exceptional strategic planning abilities. They know how to deal with complex concepts, make them work and be engaging for customers. Gurus of marketing are able to bring a close-knit marketing strategy, choose the right course of action, define the most trustful backup plans and indicate the KPIs of their performance just from the very beginning. A savvy marketer always has a plan, a set of strategies and an extra route for anything.


All your efforts are nothing if you don’t have competitive cutting edge ideas. Marketers should be creative by nature. However, if you develop this skill, it can have a significant impact on your carrier. Your innovative ideas are the tools which will bring you to the next level. Of course, it is easier to rely on the research or to use somebody’s idea, but in such case, there should be no expectations to finish with better results. If you want to become a leader in your industry, you need to forget about reflecting tactics. On the contrary, exercise your own original brainstorming and bring to the table some catchy eye fresh and innovative suggestions. It is something that truly cultivates your success.

Katie Martell,  Self-Employed Marketing Consultant, shares her admiration for the career path she chose: “I'm fortunate to be living the dream, and work for myself as an on-demand marketer... What I love most about this is the variety of perspectives and ideas I'm exposed to on a daily basis. I ask tough questions of my clients, and demand a high level of success, but together we make magic happen. There's nothing better than seeing good ideas and good people get due recognition in the world.”

It does not matter what you are saying, it matters how you are saying

Nailed writing skills is a must-have for every modern marketer. You have to speak for the brand you represent and become its voice. It is your main task to choose the right words to touch and provoke every single client. If you are struggling to fulfill the blank page with the content, do not worry. Writing is another muscle of your body and you can train it by constant practice. Keep in mind that almost 90% of the information is accepted by human brains through the visual content and savvy marketer should also strive to enlarge the number of nonverbal content. Your brand can be upgraded just by the proper use of the remarkable imagery. First, people come to admire your visual representation, then they become your customers. This trick will help you to hook on your audience and this will help your brand stand out.

Bring the automation

Marketing automation is another top-notch tool which can leverage your effectiveness. Marketers should be aware of progressive software and different applications, which are designed to increase productivity and optimize various marketing communication channels. It will help you to manage all your emails, requests, social media, and websites directly from one solution and do not waste your valuable time on the repetitive tasks. The task of every successful marketer is to find a sophisticated tool and keep the actualized list of what is available on the market.

Digital Savvy

No need to talk about the speed of digital transformation this date.The work of the marketer is not just to catch up with that speed, but to be sure that you understand the trends and implement them for your website properly. You also have to analyze the social media platforms and take the best of them. Don’t forget about SEO proficiency. These pieces will help you follow customer behaviour and manage your brand online.

Take care of your own brand

It is not about the brand you promote on the market. It’ about you as a marketer. These days your personal brand will speak more for you rather than the company or product you represent. You need to broadcast that voice and show your unique value by sharing your personal content. It should have emotional color and help your followers to recognize you from the first line. A personal blog is a good instrument to build your own brand. And if you turn to social media, that will win over more readers’ attention. Try to be focused on a particular niche, you’re interested in or at least good at and share your thoughts.

Marketing is like a long distance run so be ready for the constant learning and education. Mastering your skills will definitely bring you to a higher league.


Published by Charlesa Gibson