Hi, guys! So recently I've found a skincare routine that works - legit works & I don't even think it's that much effort (Hurrah) So I thought, why not share it!? I've always had spots - when I was in high school I picked them too ( i know I know), so my skin is slightly scarred and essentially at the best, it'll ever get but I'm still so happy with it! To be honest, it's all down to my mum, words of advice from Mamma Smyth was 'One of the most important things to do when you're young is take care of your skin - you'll thank me when you're older'. You know what, she was right - my mum has fabulous skin at 50.

MUST must must Tip always take your makeup off, even if you're too tired, can't be assed etc always take it off ladies

Scrubs //

Firstly, I start off with a really good exfoliator I only ever use one skin exfoliator and I only use it maybe twice or three times a week, I never used t0 exfoliate! I was an 'ill go to sleep with my makeup on this one time, I'm sure it'll be fine' kinda girl - BUT NO MORE. Introducing ..



The Body Shop Tea Tree squeaky clean scrub. This makes my skin feel amazing, it targets blackheads and pores so leaves your skin literally squeaky clean. The best part? It's only £7.00 (woo!) and you can buy it here

Moisturiser //

I used two different creams and an oil when I do my face in the morning pre-makeup and on a night time before bed. The oil that I'm currently using is this


Credit// Florence for Thought

This is hands down one of the best things I've ever used on my face. It's a non-greasy oil that mimics your skin's natural oils. It also creates an excellent base pre-makeup. All you have to do is apply 2-3 drops to cleansed skin day and night to start seeing the effects, this was a fabulous Christmas present so thank you mamma bear! It can be a bit pricey at £23.00  from your nearest Boots Store, but the bottle will last you ages and your skin will thank you!


In the morning, I simply use just a no7 day cream or my Vitamin E moisturiser mentions in my previous post 'November Treats'



Both are amazing at locking in the moisture - I can't highly rate either of them enough! Either one is used after the face oil above is applied & then it's onto applying my makeup etc

Night time//

My save and grace! Another one of my mum's fabulous skincare treats for me is this No7 Early defence Night cream. It's made especially for those who have younger skin. Simply take your make up off, apply the no7 oil and then dab some of this on your face. Honestly, this is just next level amazing - for only £19.50 too - small investment with big benefits


Body //

One of the nicest moisturisers I've ever received as a Christmas present was from my boyfriend's brothers fiancè, it came as part of a set and I've never tried body cream like this before in my life. IMG_8922.PNG

Introducing the Origins Ginger Souffle! It for one smells absolutely outstanding but I'm a girl who loves anything ginger! (yes jokes welcome as the boyfriend is also ginger). It's not a thick body cream, it so so light and that's because it's whipped body cream. It's so light and leaves your skin feeling so light and just feeling amazing in general! You can grab it yourself by just clicking here which will take you straight to the origins website


I'm at work soo much the next couple of days so don't have time to post a recent no makeup selfie so heres one 'i made earlier' As you can see, yes I have the odd spot visable but on the whole - i'm pretty proud of my skin at the moment :)

Hope this might help anyone who's suffering with bad skin or wants to add something new to their skin regime! Thanks for reading guys

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lots of love



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