Hey everyone,

Today's blog post is somewhat personal but anyway i wanted to share because it's probably the most common skin issue we all go through i.e. ACNE.

Till the age of 16, i has amazingly clear skin (cheers to those times) and i thought it will remain that way. Hence i never cared for it as much as i should have. But in early 17's, the bubble i was in burst and i started getting breakout and zits here and there. But still i ignored because i thought it's normal(puberty duh!). Sometime later, the condition got worse. It spread not only on my face but i also got bacne (back acne). On my face,it started near my brows but in no time, it covered my forehead completely and even on my cheeks.

I obviously wanted to get rid of it but i refrained from going to a dermat and that's when i started doing my own research(as much of a nerd i am :p) and to be honest it helped me getting a much better skin. I still get few breakouts here or there but it's nothing like before.

now, in no way i am saying that i am some sort of expert in this field but i wanted to share some of things that i did that worked for me. But if i sit here and write all in one post, it will take me forever to write and you guys to read (or no one will probably read it lol). So, i decided to write series if posts on various tips on how to prevent acne or get rid of the scars. This way thing will remain cute and short ;) So stay tuned for upcoming posts and i truly hope they help you in any way.

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