There are so many different toys you can invest in today, and with the use of smartphones and online games now, you’d want something different for your child! Many children are also drawn to action movies, wanting to play with the big guns and the like. Rather than the usual BB pellet guns, there’s now something new coming up Gel blasters!

But what exactly are gel blasters and why are they a cool choice for your kids? Read on as I show you all about this new toy and how it works, as well as some benefits it gives the kids!

What Are Gel Blasters? Are They Safe?

Gel blasters are a new type of toy gun, known as GBB or gel ball guns. It’s a combination of a paintball and airlift gun, though rather than shooting foam darts or hard plastic pellets, it fires water balls! They are power-driven by batteries or through manual full springs, discharging these fun gel balls.

This is a huge upgrade to water guns, sing compressed air to shoot out these orbeez (crystal balls). These balls would hold its form until on impact, exploding with a ton of water and fun for the family! Not to worry, as these gel balls are totally safe, being environmentally-friendly and are easy to clean up. These ammo types don’t just come in one size, they range from 6-15mm depending on the caliber of your blasters. 

Again, these gel blasters are absolutely safe to use as long as you do so correctly. It won’t hurt when fully clothed and when wearing eye protection, so children and adults can fire away! However, if it does touch bare skin, you’ll only feel a pinch, nothing more.

The Benefits of Gel Blasters

If the world has Airsoft, Australia has Gel ball! When playing this with family or friends, it reaps a ton of benefits. Yes, Gel Blasters offer a great amount of advantages that range from the physical to mental, such as:

1. Physical Benefits

With Gelball, you’ll notice that you have a physical improvement on various levels. Since you’ll be running, dodging, hiding, ducking, jumping, shooting, and aiming, these become great cardiovascular exercises! As a result, you reap benefits such as increased strength and weight loss, provided you match it with a healthy diet.

Besides this, there are more physical benefits such as body control and better coordination. This is because you’ll learn to move stealthily from aiming and shooting while you’re behind cover! With all this energy exerted, you’ll also be improving your stamina in the long run.

2. Mental Benefits 

Besides reaping the physical benefits, there are mental ones to take advantage of as well! With Gelball, you have a way to relax and cut loose, going all out and removing all that stress.

The sport also gives you more awareness of your surroundings, paying attention to the smaller details. Small movements and soft sounds can become easily noticed, increasing your attention and reaction time.

Also, it boosts your image and self-confidence, winning matches and teaching you teamwork.

3. Social Benefits

You get to meet a ton of new friends from the Gel ball community or even strengthen current ones during matches! The more friends you make, the better your bond and social interaction become.

Yes, the sport still has the growing fanbase, but with like-minded people with passion and skill, you get to learn a lot. Not only do you learn a lot on the field, but you also get to know people and their experiences, broadening your perspective. 

Where to Buy Gel Blasters 

Gel blasters are available across Australia and can usually be bought in toy stores or online. You won’t need any permit for a Gel Blaster across Australia, though it’s best to purchase them locally than from overseas to avoid customs from misinterpreting Gel Blasters as real firearms. 

There are now many retailers you can find, just make sure that you avoid ordering from sketchy ones, especially when doing so online. When you do purchase over the Internet, make sure you do so from reputable businesses which come with warranties or guarantees. 

Wrapping It Up

For those looking for a new to play with your children, then why not get a Gel Blaster? These are safe and awesome toy guns that have you feeling like you’re in an action movie without the pain but all the fun! Known in all of Australia, it’s surely the fast-rising toy many children (and adults!) will want to try.

I hope this article on gel blasters encouraged you to get a new toy to play with! So don’t wait any longer and get a new TacToys Australia Gel Blaster now.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with gel blasters, then comment below. All your thoughts are much appreciated.


Published by Daphenee Plaisir