While debating a skeptic on whether or not the God of the bible is good, I was asked if I morally agreed with the practice of slavery. In my mind I was thinking of the slavery that the Israelites endured for 400 years in Egypt or more recently the slavery that Africans were forced into for nearly 400 years. My reply was, “I do not morally agree with the practice of slavery.” He then presents his argument for why he believes the bible, “unambiguously condones and supports” slavery. Admittedly, I was taken back by his well supported response. In fact, I couldn’t offer a retort of my own so I asked for some time to look into the topic to develop a clear concise and unbiased perspective on the subject matter.



Time out, I need to regroup.

(Side note, in any instance where you are baffled by a statement someone makes while questioning your faith, try not to get angry or chalk it up to, “oh I just have faith that God is good and I don’t understand all of His ways.” In most instances there is a good counterargument. After being stumped, it becomesyour obligation as a follower of Christ to find the answer to their perplexing argument. There is nothing wrong with being stumped it is simply a stumbling block placed in front of you meant to strengthen your faith and bring enlightenment to you. It is God pushing you toward the location of truth. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed or let God down. The information you obtain could be useful for ministering to someone in the future. There is no way you will know everything at any given moment, so always remain humble and patient, wisdom comes with time and God’s preparation.)

While researching the topic I found that the modern and common view on slavery is not the only form of slavery. There are many, but for the sake of this article, I will only address two as they are the only ones with relevancy.

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