Do you scroll through your phone when you find it hard to fall asleep at night? Did you know that your phone screen emits blue light that might be interfering with your sleep?

You've probably heard before that you should sleep in a dark room in order to sleep better. But why? In the dark, the body secretes a sleep hormone called 'Melatonin' and in the presence of light at night, the production of melatonin is suppressed and thus interferes with your sleep. The higher concentration of melatonin in your body, the quicker you will fall asleep and vice versa.

It is not just the light that is interfering, it is the blue component in the ordinary white light that is suppressing the production of melatonin. Some research has been stating that delayed production of melatonin due to blue light exposure is causing more problems than just insomnia. At the back of our eyes, we have a light-sensing nerve tissue called the Retina. Blue light causes retinal stress and with time this can lead to macular degeneration of the eye, which is the deterioration of the central portion of the retina. Macular degeneration is the leading cause of severe vision loss in people over age 60 ( Not only is the blue light affecting your sleep, but it is also affecting your health in general. When you don't get enough sleep, over time your body's immune system that fights diseases gets weaker, thus increases your risks of getting sick.

Due to its brightness, blue light is used pretty much in all LED devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs. And in order to filter it out of your screens especially during the night time, follow these simple steps below.

For iPhone users:

  1. Go to Settings> Display and Brightness > 'Night Shift'

Night shift

2. Set your preference. The warmer the temperature the more blue light is filtered. You can also schedule the night shift to be turned on automatically around your sleeping time and turned off in the morning time.

Set your preference

In addition, you can always turn it on/off manually with this button below in the middle that appears when you swipe your screen from bottom to top.


For Android users:

The automatic feature found in iPhones is not available. You have to download an application that filters the blue light. There are plenty of applications including the following:



Sleeping Tip: if you wake up at night to use the bathroom, keep one eye closed to help reduce the amount of light coming into your eye ;) thus making it easier to fall back to sleep. Also, try to dim the lights in your room an hour before you sleep.

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