I’ve been sitting here thinking about what to write. I have many ideas but nothing I want to commit to at the moment. Would you like to hear about my new favourite toy? Or maybe I should tell you about my most recent discovery? I just don’t know where to start.

All this thinking is making me feel sleepy. I hate feeling sleepy. That groggy feeling and my eyes don’t seem to want to cooperate. Worst of all, I never know what to do about it. I try fussing the sleepiness away, but that doesn’t seem to help.

Mommy sees me getting fussy and she tries to entertain me. She makes funny faces. I like it when mommy makes funny faces but I’m just not in the mood right now. I refuse to make eye contact with mommy so that she knows my heart isn’t in it. Still feeling sleepy though. What to do?

I try rubbing the sleep out of my eyes with the backs of my hands. It’s not helping. I try rubbing harder. Still no less sleepy. I’m getting frustrated and fuss more vigorously but the sleepy feeling is still there.

I'm wrapped in fuzz

I’m wrapped in fuzz

Mommy brings me my fuzzy blanket. I like my fuzzy blanket. It soothes me. I grab the edge and pull it up to my face. I like the way it feels against my skin but it makes my eyes want to close and that scares me a little. I kick my feet. Maybe I can kick the sleepiness away.

I’m trying to compose my thoughts for my next blog post but my body isn’t letting me. Why? I don’t understand what’s happening to me. All my kicking and fussing isn’t getting rid of the sleepy feeling. If anything, it might be making it worse. What’s going on? I start to cry.

Mommy wraps me up in my fuzzy blanket and picks me up. She calls me her baby fuss fuss. She speaks quietly and rocks me back and forth. It feels nice and I quiet down. I listen to mommy’s voice and my body starts to feel funny. My eyes close, and I let them. My muscles relax and I allow myself go with the rocking motion; back and forth.

I feel mommy putting me down and I open my eyes. I see the inside of my crib and I hear mommy whispering to me. She tells me I’m a good girl. Mommy strokes my hair. I feel safe and content. My eyes close again. I wonder how I’m going to solve my sleepy problem. I guess that can wait for now. I sigh as I drift off to sleep.

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