When the good weather arrives, we like to enjoy the outdoor areas of our house. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, we have small garden ideas illustrated with photos for garden decoration.

The garden is a very cozy place in our house where we can enjoy, in spring and summer, good weather with friends or family. Therefore, it is important to have it in good condition so that the time we spend there is the most pleasant. Find yourself a good garden designer and they will suggest some beautiful and innovative garden ideas, considered the very latest garden trends to create your amazing small garden and a space you can be proud of.

For those of you who have a small garden and don't know how to start decorating it, we have described some small garden ideas and how you can decorate that in budget:

Small Garden Design and Decoration

If you want your small garden to appear to have some more space, we show you photos with examples of landscape designs for small gardens that will help achieve an effect of spaciousness.

Just look at the image and you can find that we have a well separated garden area that shows a very pleasant landscape and a feeling of spaciousness at first sight. The plants have their own place that is, when growing, independent of the part destined to the dining area of the garden, being possible to access the plants thanks to the stone path, very practical, that crosses the garden.

Decoration of small garden with plants

Small gardens can also feature luxurious décor. The oriental culture of small gardens is very beneficial, at the same time useful, for those exterior spaces that are not very large, providing a feeling of spaciousness.

Decoration of small garden with minimalist design

Making the most of space and efficiently with leveling is the best trick to make small gardens look bigger. The levels can be teak wood, as you can see in the example above, and used to isolate the dining room part of the garden.

Decoration of small garden with teak wood 

One of the most important elements to take into consideration in our small garden area is the wooden pergola. In gardens that are relatively small they will look great, as we see in the image above, giving the space a beautiful appearance that combines different styles, but defining each of the parts for the specific function of each. This is one of the best garden design ideas that can be implemented.

Decoration of small garden with landscape design

We also have the possibility of creating delimitations with ornamental elements for our small gardens, such as the photo above with decorative strips of stones, gravel or pebbles. The only function it has is to beautify and make the garden a much quieter place, mixing textures and different materials.

These are all the decoration ideas for the small garden to try. Adapt your budget; if your garden is small, start by planning the space you are going to use the most. You can DIY or also you can hire any expert garden designer from your local area.

Featured Image: Fluteflute [CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)]

Published by Eric Foley