You might remember this little line from Ironman 2,
Where the Pain in the Butt Senator had to present some Medals to our Two Hero’s…
            “Sorry, it’s funny how annoying a little prick can be...”

It was kinda’ funny…

Now then,
I can remember back in the day when I was still a Little run-a-round,
Not having ANY idea of what life could hold for me.


I was playing with a Rugby ball (Never really played sports at school),
But it was cool, kicking the ball just enough from one side of the Sidewalk
Of the street to the other side – without landing in the Neighbors’ yard across from us.


The street wasn’t busy in the least and this I could do to amuse myself without much of anyone helping me out in the least.
This day I can remember really well.
Seeing this kicking game, came to a Very Sudden Halt!


Playing this without shoes,
Drop-Kicking the ball,
I had no idea that there was a Buried ROCK just under the surface…


As you can Well Imagine yourself,
My BIG toe made Instant Contact with the Rock.
It didn’t move and I’ve still no idea just how Massive it was!


All I know, it barely protruded past the surface.
It was JUST smiling at me and was VERY happy to see me…

The ball wasn’t kicked…
The ball had time on its own…
The ball was carried Home after the impact…
The ball was NEVER again kicked like that,

Not only the Sudden stop,
The Intense,
Unbelievable Pain,
One other thing I could clearly remember–
IF ever I had a full bladder at that moment…
I’d have left a nice little Stream all the way from where I stood STILL for THAT moment,
To where I got the ball Eventually AND,
Slowly hobbled across the Street;
Eventually Getting back home!


Since then I’d been
Panel-beaten a few times.


Each time there was a great deal of Pain,
Only these times I broke something
AND as the image shows;

WHEN falling Off the Racehorse,
That was an Immense Sudden Impact,
Which left me sitting,
Less caring about my Bladder,
The Pain,
The Sudden stop,
The Horse running away from me;

But shock at the size of the Boulders on the Other side of the Fence it was heading to THROW me over onto…

I don’t know too much about major breaks,
But I’ve heard more often than Not,
When the Cold weather comes – people how had Legs, Arms and such broken;
They feel the aching in their Bones or Breaks when the Cold gets a hold of them…

That would have been nice…

Every single moment when I work
The muscles in my back works over time;
Thus, if I do not concentrate on it,
Having spasms at Home can easily Happen regularly.

Funny how the Little Places can bite you the worst!


P.S.:     Ironically, I just wonder how Sensitive the Metal Detectors at the Airports are;


ONE day if things goes well, I’ll be waltzing through them–

With my Lucky they’d go off and I’d miss the Trip or Flight because No One would believe that I’ve got these 6 & ½ screws in my back…


(HAD broken TWO already, BEEN fixed as well – THAT’s half which remains………………)


That would ONLY be funny the First time, from that POINT forward;
It would be a really Massively Big Irritation!

Published by Cobus Vermeulen