"A thousand mile journey begins with the first step." ~ Lao Tzu.

We all begin somewhere.

When we decide we want to accomplish something, build something or change something; we can get stuck on where to start. How to begin?

Blocked up by the enormity of the journey ahead.

To achieve any goal we must make a start.

Sometimes it can feel like too big a task. Too hard a journey. Too rough a road.

It will only become possible if we begin.

We must start.

We must dream, believe and act.

Action is the key.

Little by little day by day closer and closer we get to our dreams.

Break it down into smaller steps. Use daily check lists.

Did you do something today that helped you get closer to your goal.

Decision and action. Without action a goal is a pipe dream. A wish.

It takes action to make it happen. Start small. Each and every step in the right direction is a step.

Small steps. Today. Towards where you want to be.

Published by Kristy Hunt