To all of my fellow Gilmore Girl fans, who else is stoked for November to hit? Anyone who has seen the trailer teaser on YouTube shares my excitement. I watched Gilmore Girls every Tuesday with my Ma' and sister, it was one hour filled with a small town feel and witty banter. I have always lived in big cities, places where hustle and bustle fueled daily life. Watching the towns people of Stars Hollow always made me wonder what it would actually be like to live the small town life. To have the local diner where I would get breakfast or a cup of coffee at or the local market that only had one check out lane. To live in a place that had seasonal festivities throughout the year and town meetings every Thursday night to discuss town matters.  

A place where everyone really does know your name outside of the infamous bar  *Cheers reference*. Don't get me wrong, livin' the big city life doesn't mean you don't get to know people or become a regular. Sometimes a small fish gets lost in a giant ocean from time to time. Although, I wonder if at some point life in a small town would cause me to go Even though the nights are peaceful you still hear cars driving by and because I live about 15 minutes from a major airport one can hear planes taking off in the night sky.It's a faint sound, but I love hearing the planes taking off.

 I have family that live in small town in PA and I love visiting them. I get that small town, calmer paced life and I get to spend time with my favorite great Aunt Betty. I must admit though, when I fly back to L.A. I love it. I start to get that chaos itch after a week in small town life. My Ma' and I have many traits in common, but one major difference is that she is a big time county lady and I am a big time city girl. When my parents retire they are looking to move to Virginia. I am hoping to be in New York by then. I told my Ma' that I'll come visit her and Dad for that small town fix and she says she'll come visit me for that city fix, then we'll go home when it's to much.

Anyways, I am stoked to get a dose of the Gilmore life come November, thank you Netflix!


Published by Derra Sabo