Saving money is challenging, but a few small changes in the home can help you to save money and put it aside for a rainy day. Despite their best efforts, there are still many people leaning to poor credit emergency loans when faced with a financial emergency as they do not have the money to make ends meet. However, with our tips of the best smart home appliances, you can reduce the risk for such emergency funding and pay for it out of pocket. Here, we are going to give you insight into some of the smart home products that you need.

LED Lightbulbs

There are many home appliances on the market that are made to help save you money in the long term and one of the main ones on this list is the LED lightbulb. Although the upfront cost of this style of the lightbulb is far more expensive than the traditional one, they last up to 50 times longer than the typical incandescent bulb. This is key to saving money as you will have to replace the bulbs much less and will also use less energy when the lights are on.

Solar Power

By opting for solar powered products, either in the home or outside, there are a number of money-saving benefits. Not only will this reduce your electric bill due to less technology being plugged into the mains, but it will also help reduce your carbon footprint. There are several solar-powered home products such as solar powered lights for the garden, cooker and even lamp for the pond - this is important as this enables you to save power whilst still lighting your outside space. Although this can be a challenge to run if you are living in a home with very minimal light in the garden, it is still a worthwhile investment as many still run even in cloudy weather.

Remote Thermostats

Remote thermostats have become very popular in recent months, not only are they perfect for those that want a warm house when they return home from a long day at work, but they are ideal to monitor the spending on your monthly electric bill. By monitoring this thermostat and turning it down when no one is in you can heat the house to a consistent temperature and keep it there. This will prevent you from overspending and keep your house nice and warm all year round.

Energy Metre

The final smart product to place into your home is an energy metre. This can be placed near the router or in a central point in the home and can be used to keep track of your daily spending. This is key for the household as you can then actively work to reduce your daily spending and subsequently lower your monthly bill as a result. This smart device works off of a colour coded system and is shown in a circular metre. When there is a large number of products on, this will then show up red, going down to amber and then green when products have been switched off.  

Whatever home device you decide to opt for, you can be sure that you will see a gradual decrease in the amount that you are spending on your energy bills every month. This money that you are saving can then be saved away or even spent on a nice holiday with you and the family or even your friends - the choice is completely up to you!


Published by Charlesa Gibson