We have all seen or heard of the film Back to The Future 2 when Marty, played by Michael Jay Fox, races into the future. The notion of flying cars depicted by the movie may not be upon us, but the scene in which he visits his future home with voice controlled lights and home entertainment systems are already here. Many of the world’s elite already have smart home technology because they have the funds to install these systems. However, now this technology is becoming a reality for the average homeowner.

There is almost no doubt that within the next 10 years smart home technology will be somehow integrated into the majority of people’s homes. This is because the price of installation and the technology involved has come down in price and the quality of these gadgets is improving.

It is the same story in almost all new tech market places. Let’s take smartphones as a prime example. In the beginning, the iPhone was extortionately expensive. This was the Simon Personal Communicator, which retailed at $1,100. Since then new technology meant smartphones would become smaller, and soon the very first iPhone was released at half the price of the Simon Personal Communicator. That first iPhone retailed at $499 if you wanted the 4GB version and $599 for those that wanted 8 GB.

Smarthome technology has taken the same plummet in pricing nowadays offering those that want automated entertainment systems, lights, security and atmosphere control in their homes. You can read more about how smart home tech is becoming cheaper according to an article on The Verge that covers this topic in detail.  

What is Smart Home Technology?

Smart home technology comes in many different shapes and forms. Essentially it is a way to control day to day technology that you use in your home remotely and by using automation. You can either use the touchscreen panel that comes with the smart home installation tech or use a smartphone app to tweak and control your entire home.

Here are examples of automation and remote control:

Automation: You can set your lights to turn on and off at set times. Also, you will be able to control when your central heating or air conditioning will turn on. This is perfect to warm up or cool down the house in preparation for returning home after work. You can even automate your curtains so they open and close at certain times; a great security precaution if you go away on holiday, but you want to make it look as if someone is at home!

Remote Control: Smart does not always have to be an automated process either i.e. you do not always need to set specific times for heating and lights. With today’s modern technology there seems to be an app for everything. Well, the same applies to smart home technology. You can control your entire home automation system from your smartphone. Turn your lights on and off, set your heating or air conditioning and so on.

There are so many added extras we have not mentioned here that you can plug into your smart home tech such as:

  • Home entertainment
  • Home security alarm systems
  • Home perimeter access control
  • CCTV systems
  • Smartlock systems

Smart Home Security

Smart home security has been around for quite some time. It is essentially tied into your alarm and CCTV systems. There are quite a few companies these days that are tying in their entire smart home lighting, home entertainment, and other smart home extras with security so every aspect of the home can be controlled from a single application.

CCTV: For example, if you have a CCTV system, then you will be able to hook that system up to an app that will connect to your smartphone. You will be able to view all your CCTV recordings from your smartphone. You can watch your CCTV in real time or rewind to view previous events on your property. This is because the CCTV will record to a cloud storage area on the internet.

More advanced CCTV cameras will have motion sensors that will trigger an alarm on your phone. Furthermore, there are CCTV cameras that have motion motors also connected. Therefore, you will be able to control which angles the camera points using your smartphone app so you can have a look in different areas of your property as well as zoom in and zoom out.

Check out this blog for the different types of CCTV cameras available.

All these functionalities via your smartphone app:

  • Playback CCTV
  • Watch CCTV in real time
  • Zoom in and out
  • Pivot your CCTV cameras
  • Motion sensor alert systems

Alarm Systems: Adding to remote CCTV control, you can control your homes entire alarm system via smartphone apps. Your intruder alarm can be activated or deactivated from your app. Therefore, if you have visitors, you will be able to let them in without having to give them your alarm code. You can then provide that person with a key fob for deactivating and activating the alarm system – this is much better than trusting anyone with your alarm code.

If any of the alarms in your house are activated, then you will be alerted on your smartphone via the smartphone security alarm interface. You can immediately check your CCTV or motion sensors in the home will signal continuous movement in different rooms of your home. You will then be able to speed dial the police or a private security company directly from the app depending on which you have set up.

Alarm systems also include fire alarms too. Therefore, if there is any smoke detected in your home while you are not there, your smartphone app will also be notified of this. You will also be able to speed dial fire services if you believe they are needed.

All these functionalities via your smartphone app:

  • Deactivate and activate alarm remotely
  • Phone alerts when your intruder alarm sounds off
  • Motion sensor readings of movement on your property
  • Fire alert system
  • Police, fire, and security on speed dial

Smart Home Atmosphere Control

With smart home technology, you will be able to control the temperature of your home via your smartphone application or via the built-in wall panel. Some wall panels are portable as mentioned earlier, so you should be able to conveniently sit anywhere in your home and control the temperatures in each room.

One of the best aspects of atmosphere control is that you can set your heating or cooling to turn off and turn on and certain times of the day. This is perfect if you know you are getting home from work at 6 pm because you can have the atmosphere control system set to start to warm up or cool down your home for when you arrive.

As you have a smart home app, you can simply use your smartphone (as long as it has an internet connection) to set your atmosphere system in real time. Therefore, if you are on a shopping trip, then all you need to do is set the parameters you want and by the time you get home, your house will be at the temperature that you feel comfortable arriving in.

Loads More Smart Home Tech Tools

 The buck does not stop with atmosphere control and security control. You can also install a full home entertainment system that allows you to control your TV and music in all rooms in the house. Speakers can be strategically placed in rooms around the house and you can choose which music plays through each smart home speaker device.

For more information, we strongly suggest looking at First Contact Fire and Security in the UK. There is a wealth of information on this website from a business that deals in a number of different technologies.

Published by Mohsin Ahsan