For every small business, simple, cost-efficient communications systems are an absolute must. When it comes to voice communication, businesses generally have a choice of two types:

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- a landline system, which requires hardware and physical telephone lines
- a hosted VoIP, which brings cloud-based functionality to existing phone systems.

While traditional landline systems are a tried and tested solution, the reliability, flexibility, and features of hosted VoIP can make a big difference in cost and efficiency, overall.

Save on cost

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a phone service delivered over the internet. It can either be added to legacy phone systems, with minimal extra hardware required to turn phone signals into data, or VoIP technology can be incorporated into phones themselves. Hosted VoIP means that the services are provided by a company that manages and routes calls to and from their customers' telephone systems.

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Since it's delivered over the internet, the cost of long distance or international calls is a small fraction of the charges of similar calls over a traditional telephone. There are minimal initial setup expense and no hidden costs. Since the internet is worldwide, an international VoIP wholesale provider is the ideal solution for VoIP hosting.

Added extras like hold music, call waiting or call queues are also more expensive on traditional systems, and often require extra hardware. As the VoIP service is cloud-based, the cost of providing a better user experience for your callers is much more competitively priced.

Increase productivity

The flexibility and 
cost-effectiveness of VoIP make it easier for SME employees to access potential business opportunities worldwide. Whether it's conferencing with colleagues based in other countries or speaking to international customers, the affordable monthly fee improves communication, saving time and therefore increasing productivity. With the evolution of cloud communications, which blends every type of communication from email to video, small businesses can get the best of all types of communications at an affordable price.

To succeed, small businesses need to invest wisely in their communications equipment. Engaging an 
International VoIP wholesale provider will lead to an improved user experience, for employees and for their customers, coupled with lower outgoings in the long term.

Together, these factors can have a significant impact on a company's bottom line.

Published by Sunil Pandey