It takes effort to breathe in the smoke from a single cigarette
Like how you used to rewind that old cassette
That held the songs we used to listen to during those nights filled with smoke
As you held my neck as I choked

Cig by cig, I’m taken away from life far worse than if it was a knife
That was held up to my neck as I dishevel into a wreck
The burning that fills my lungs is better than the way you steal my breath
But every time I feel the smoke on my lips, I remember how you kissed me
And how the room echoed with moans of "Oh yes, please more!"

I never wanted to take a puff but soon enough I was handcuffed
To a pack of smokes that held all my hopes
Of a future for us to have together but that can’t happen if a single cigarette can lessen someone’s life by 11 minutes
11 precious minutes that I can never get back within its span of silent murder

And even if I wanted to stop, I can’t because I’ve grown addicted to your scent of cigarette smoke and coke.
Maybe if I inhaled enough smoke, it will be like before when you held me at night and clawed at my hips
But the scent of chestnut oak is similar to poison oak. I shouldn’t be indulging in the beauty of smoke rings
Yet here I am still watching the cigarette ash fall like snow on the dry pavement.  

They say smoking kills and I won’t argue with that but if I can have back the thrills
Of watching the sun fight it’s way through the curtains and serpents
I’d gladly forget all the souvenirs and useless memories
For one last time attached to your lips
Inhaling and exhaling the smoke that shrouds my face, covers my eyes and blinds me from the truth.

That yeah, smoking kills but so did you 
when you walked away and disappeared like smoke.   

Published by Ghela Marie