Have some dignity this summer and TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET AND TOES.  It's for your own good and not just because it's disturbing to see cracked and unloved feet.  Have some RESPECK for yo'self ladies and bros.  This quick & simple scrub only requires three main ingredients and just like that you too can have pretty feet.


  • Listerine
  • Tea tree oil
  • Epsom salt

What you need: 

  • Any container (one that you don't mind throwing away)
  • Plastic spoon
  • Foot bath (optional but here is one for $20 at Home Depot http://www.homedepot.com/p/Dr-Scholl-s-Bubbling-Toe-Touch-Foot-Spa-DRFB7012B1/206430097 )
  • Towel
  • Foot care kit
  • Foot or body cream



Okay, on to how you do this....

To prep, mix three parts salt to two parts mouth wash to make a chunky paste, it should not be watery but if it is just add more salt and so forth. Add a tablespoon of the tea tree oil and mix. Let sit.

Lay down your towel so that you don't make a humongous mess everywhere.


Pour some more of the Epsom salt (about one cup)  into your foot bath or bucket/bowl and fill it up with warm water.

Now soak your dawgs in the bath for 5-15 minutes.

Now that your toes look like raisins, we move on to the next step.


One foot at a time, scoop out some of your mixture and scrub those potatoes!!!  Concentrate on the dry areas and make sure to get your toes.

Put your feet back in the bath to rinse them off and then dry off with your towel.


After clean up, drench your re-born cute feet in body cream or lotion of your choice-pick one with a thick consistency to get the best results- slide on some socks and you're done!

You are welcome.

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Published by Kristen Borrego