Felt the cool rush of wind with the gentle sound of bamboo whistling by. Indeed, we finally have arrived at Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. This was our first stop on our Kyoto Day Tour. From JR Saga Arashiyama Station, we walked to this place. You do have the option of renting a bike but walking was pretty fine for us. Plus, we get to appreciate the surrounding areas of that place. We almost passed by this area but after some questions here and there, we finally have arrived. And the view was just breathtaking.😀

We got there a little early but as the clock ticked by, more people came. Specifically, more tourists like us. So it was good to be that early because we got to take photos with less people in it. I love the fact that this was free of charge. You can just walk along and take a thousand artsy photos here. I thought it was a short walk at first but glad that we treaded on. The sight that behold the end of the stretch was more raw. The first steps, the section that was near the food stalls, had more wiring and was short. Uphill, there was less of those wirings and more of just raw natural beauty. It was very picturesque. Vehicles are allowed to go along this road. Aside from renting bicycles, you could also rent a rickshaw.

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